Juanita Harrell

  • CALL Position: Bulletin Committee Co-Chair & Bulletin Co-Editor, 2016-2019;Bulletin Committee, Member, 2015-2016
  • Law Librarian at DuPage County Law Library

Introducing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Who are we?

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is a new CALL committee created as part of the new strategic goal to “Implement policies that ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness, support, and initiatives.”

As a part of this new goal, we are charged with the following: Continue reading Introducing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

From the Editors

Our previous introduction mentioned the beginning of the real cold coming in, and now it seems the end is in sight (even though highs in the 30s seem to be lingering), and so we have for you the winter edition of the CALL Bulletin. This issue is slim, as if it’s coming out of hibernation, but it still packs a punch. Please enjoy Debbie Ginsberg’s piece on blockchain; Lindsey Carpino, Annie Mentkowski, and Clanitra Nejdl’s recap of their discussion on keeping up to date from last fall’s joint annual meeting; and a profile of new CALL member Anne Danberg.

Of course, this issue has the board meeting minutes, business meeting recaps, and other CALL business for your reference and perusal. Of note is this year’s slate of candidates for the Board of Directors.

On a Bulletin-related note, it is with sadness (for us) and excitement (for her) that we announce that Juanita Harrell is leaving CALL and the Bulletin Committee to return to work at the public library. She’s brought a lot of energy to the Bulletin, it’s been a pleasure working with her, and we wish her the absolute best.

Happy reading!

Attending ALA

Hello, fellow librarians. I know many of you just attended AALL this past July. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend; however, I was able to attend ALA—the American Library Association conference this past June. It was in Chicago at McCormick Place.

The best part about ALA is if you do not want to attend the entire conference, you can get an exhibit hall pass. The exhibit hall pass cost $75.00 dollars this year, but there was also an opportunity to get a free pass through RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System). The exhibit hall is both amazing and overwhelming. Those of you who have attended before can attest to this. There are authors, illustrators, vendors, presentations, and programs all happening at the same time. Continue reading Attending ALA

A Visit to the United States Capitol

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. for a little visit. While there I was able to visit/make my pilgrimage to the Library of Congress and the United States Supreme Court. Two law librarian accomplishments checked off of my bucket list. I was able to visit the Jefferson building of the Library of Congress. The first thing I noticed upon entering the building was the architecture and all of the art on the ceilings. You could have spent most of your time looking up before you ever got a chance to check out the actual exhibits and books.

One of the first things I noticed was the Gutenberg Bible. The librarian in me is always fascinated by old books, particularly this one, since it was the first to be printed using the Gutenberg press. When I looked down I immediately noticed that all of the zodiac signs were on the floor of the Great Hall. There was an exhibit of Thomas Jefferson’s library. The books from Jefferson’s library  were used as the foundation for the Library of Congress. There was also a replica of the oval office as it was when Thomas Jefferson was president.   Continue reading A Visit to the United States Capitol

From the Editors

The summer has wound down, so we’re happy to present you with the summer 2016 issue of the CALL Bulletin. And what a summer it was. Hosting the AALL Annual Meeting in Chicago gave many of us the chance to extend the collegiality and hospitality that we as CALL members enjoy on a regular basis. As mused by Joanne Kiley, it was a great conference and a real treat to hear so many of our colleagues say, “I love Chicago!” Continue reading From the Editors

The After Party

Ok, so we have not had an actual party . . . yet. However, we are celebrating the completion of construction in the DuPage County Law Library! The self-help center is open and being used by our pro se patrons. We now have  six additional computers that are available to the public. The additional computers were greatly needed and are being well used. We have a new desk, the Westlaw/LexisNexis terminals have been moved, and the entryway door is now handicap accessible. Continue reading The After Party

Mandatory E-Filing

Mandatory e-filing began in DuPage County on January 1st of this year. Mandatory e-filing is required for all civil cases. DuPage County is the first county, and so far the only county, in the state to require mandatory e-filing for all civil matters. In order to accommodate patrons and attorneys who do not have scanning capabilities, the courthouse has four e-filing stations in the clerk’s office: one in the law library and one in the attorney resource center. This e-filling process has been a learning experience for all involved. The library staff, clerk’s office staff, and judges’ secretaries have all had basic training on e-filing. The questions we get the most from patrons and attorneys are: “Is it really mandatory?” and “Do I really have to e-file?” The answer is yes. For some of our tech savvy patrons and attorneys this was great. It meant they only had to actually come into the courthouse if they had to. For our not so tech savvy patrons and attorneys, it has been and continues to be a learning experience. Continue reading Mandatory E-Filing

If We Build It, Will They Come?

Photo of Juanita Harrell
Juanita Harrell

Spring is in the air and construction has begun in the DuPage County Law Library. We are adding a self-represented litigants center to the law library and will be doing a little reconfiguring. I believe we all know that if we build it, of course, they will come. They have been coming and will continue to come for help and to represent themselves. The real question is how we can serve the pro se patrons in the best way possible. There is a fine line between giving a patron useful information and giving legal advice. So far we do know that we will be open Monday through Friday during regular courthouse hours.

Continue reading If We Build It, Will They Come?

From the Courthouse

Photo of Juanita Harrell
Juanita Harrell

Once upon a time I was a librarian in a public library. I was a teen services librarian to be exact. Prior to that, I was a paralegal. My two worlds have magically come together and now, for going on three years, I have been a law librarian at the DuPage County Courthouse. Although there are differences from working in a public library to working in a courthouse library, there are also a lot of similarities. Continue reading From the Courthouse