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From the Editors

Welcome to the Fall 2021 CALL Bulletin. As we enter what is often the busiest time of the year, we hope you have time to sit down this season and read the wonderful articles we have rounded up.

First, as always, the President’s message from current president, Jamie Sommer. Then follow the Community Service Committee and their Community Beach Cleanup organized to fight plastic pollution. Learn all about CALL Grant recipient Brittany Adams’ experience at Rare Books School (congratulate her, too.) Finally, to round it all out, we have our Board Meeting Minutes. Enjoy!

President’s Letter

Greetings CALL Colleagues,

As I sit down to write this, I see snowflakes in the forecast for the upcoming week, which means that the brief but glorious period of fall in Chicago is quickly transitioning into the colder, darker days of winter. Fortunately, it also means that the holidays are approaching and for many people such as me, this will bring celebratory gatherings with family and friends after a year of scaled back or cancelled festivities. Aside from the pure joy of sharing hugs and pumpkin pie, I appreciate the seasonal opportunity to pause and reflect on all that I am thankful for, including being part of this community. Continue reading President’s Letter

Grantee Report: Law Books: History &; Connoisseurship Rare Books School

This summer, thanks to a CALL grant, I was able to take Law Books: History & Connoisseurship, a course held through the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia.

The course, which was held remotely, took place from August 1-6 and was team taught by Mike Widener, recently retired from the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale Law School, and Ryan Greenwood, of the University of Minnesota Law Library.

The curriculum covered the canon of historical law books, as well as the history of the trade in Europe, America, and Latin America. The course was framed with a view to collection development: assignments required me to think strategically about how I would like to curate a collection, and a rare bookseller was invited as a guest speaker to offer insight into the current market. Continue reading Grantee Report: Law Books: History &; Connoisseurship Rare Books School

Committee Roundup: Community Service Montrose Beach Cleanup

October 9th was a beautiful sunny day in Chicago. On that day eight CALL volunteers assembled at Montrose Beach with our garbage bags and rubber gloves and got down to business collecting trash. And there was plenty of garbage to be found, unfortunately. As we walked along the waterfront, everything from food wrappers and pieces of broken toys to Bulls baseball hats and cell phone accessories mingled with the sand and surf. Small bits of plastic are a disproportionately large pollution hazard that can travel well beyond the lakefront shore when wildlife fatally ingest them. Our group sent at least eight garbage bags of trash off to the landfill, a great start to getting some of the mess contained for proper disposal.  Continue reading Committee Roundup: Community Service Montrose Beach Cleanup