CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – August 2021

Board Members Present: Jamie Sommer, Scott Vanderlin, Tom Keefe, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, and Carrie Port

Board Members Absent: Lindsey Carpino

Guests: None

Significant Actions:

I. Call meeting to order – President Jamie Sommer called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

II. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.

III. Approve Secretary’s minutes – The June meeting minutes were approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a. Harris Balance as of August 1, 2021 – 20,851.87 in our CD and $16492.59 in checking.

b. Membership numbers 163. Of these, 107 members are active, 52 are retired, and are 4 student. Tom will double check NEON numbers with membership committee. We are still a little low on membership numbers as in past years we usually have closer to 200 members.

c. Revenue is low in the balance just because membership checks from NEON were not being reflected accurately and there were checks in the post office box. Tom will figure out how to work with NEON to ensure that all incoming revenue posts properly. Revenue for fiscal year 2020-2021 was $7,960.10. Expenses were $6171.04

d. Shared proposed budget. CALL usually loses about $1,000 on an in person meeting. This is not an issue this year as we are only planning two in person meetings. However, we may need to consider raising the price in the future. Especially if we move forward with paying speakers. The proposed 2021-2022 budget was approved.

V. Old Business

a. Speaker Fees – Reached out to corporate memory to see if they remembered why could not pay speaker fees for business meetings it was just because they were usually local and did not want to raise costs for business meetings. So there is no reason we could not change the policy log to allow for it. We would need to make the change.

b. September social event: Had talked about having an in person social event, but with the Delta variant do not think it is a good idea to have an in person event. So we could have a virtual social hour. It was brought up that did we really need two virtual events? Charged Scott with coming up with a virtual event and do we want to try to get a sponsor. Scott thinks that we could ask a sponsor – and trivia events are popular and we could ask for them to sponsor the cost of running the program and prizes. Give them time to talk about their product. Scott thinks there is something special about the start of the year – so it could be nice, but agrees that people are tired of zoom meetings. People liked the trivia event. So maybe do a combined Happy Hour/Trivia night – get there 30 minutes early to chat. Maybe move it a little later to October. Moving forward with a trivia event. Scott is going to reach out to the events committee and some vendors and will plan for an October Happy Hour/Trivia event.

VI. New Business

a. September Business Meeting – September 23, 2021. Scott does not have a speaker for the virtual event, but he has someone in mind and is finalizing plans. He will send out an e-mail with details soon.

b. Leadership Training – No leadership training announcements sent out yet because Jamie is still working on content and format. Previous trainings have included NEON and WordPress training. Asked for ideas as to what might be a good idea for the training. Scott thinks the logistics of how to be a chair is a good idea. How committees are run that is valuable for new chairs. Carrie liked the fact of getting to know the rest of the people a little more, which is missing in the virtual environment. There are 15 chairs and only 2 are new. There will be a NEON meeting also this year for those who need it. Suggestions included just record tips; provide information via e-mail, or do them individually. Decided to have more of a meet and greet this year which would allow new chairs to ask questions of the returning chairs.

c. Updates to website – Two new members for the PR committee – Jesse Bowman and Kristina DeGuzman who will be updating the website. First role is to tidy up the site. Please look at the website and see if there are things that need to be fixed and send a list to Jamie of things you notice. Debbie Ginsburg is going to continue to help even though she is at Harvard.

d. Committee visits/call-ins – Going to ask 3 committee members per meeting to come to the virtual meeting. Decided that we should start with inviting Meetings, Continuing Education, and Membership. The following meeting will include Mentorship.

VII. Committee Reports

a. Archives – No updates
b. Bulletin – Sarah – No updates
c. Bylaws – Jamie – No updates
d. Community Service – Carrie – Planning for in-person service events in September and May. Selected those months because they could be outside. Will see if members feel comfortable in person in September. Will still be choosing a specific organization for each meeting. Did not track donations last year due to logistical issues. Will continue not to track unless the board feels it is important to do so. (Information submitted via e-mail after the meeting)
e. Continuing Education – Tom – They have a meeting scheduled for later this month for planning. Speaker planned for Sep 29th on diversity. Chicago FBI coming in October to talk about Hate Crimes. Talking about getting sponsors for speakers who charge fees.
f. Corporate Memory – Sarah – Got an updated copy of the policy log from Jean
g. Government Relations – Mandy – held kickoff meeting. Two members are on the AALL GRC. Will keep us updated on national issues.
h. Grants & Chapter Awards – Lindsey – No updates
i. Meetings – Scott – no additional updates. They have met.
j. Membership – Lindsey – No updates
k. Mentorship – Mandy – No updates
l. Nominations & Elections – Jamie – No updates
m. Placement/Recruitment – Carrie – Have met. Todd is co-chair. Going to work with membership.
n. Public Relations – Scott – No additional updates.
o. Strategic Planning – Carrie – No updates.

VIII. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:48 a.m.