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CALL Nominations and Elections Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

Chair: Julie Pabarja

Members: Joann Hounshell, Diane Koppang, Juanita Harrell, and Debbie Ginsberg

The Committee started seeking nominations for candidates to run for Director, Treasurer, and Vice President/President Elect in August 2017 via the CALL listserv and recommendations from the Board and Committee members.  The Committee identified members who would be suitable for these Executive Board positions and asked them to be put on the slate. Continue reading CALL Nominations and Elections Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

CALL Placement and Recruitment Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

  • The Placement & Recruitment Committee continued the policy of receiving and posting jobs advertisements as they came through the CALL Web site.
  • Job postings were added to the Jobs & Careers link and then also sent to the CALL listserv.
  • The Committee posted over 18 new positions this year.
  • In addition, an undertaking was done to clean up old postings that needed to be archived.
  • We discussed a policy of retaining jobs posted on the site and to follow up with the job posting requester to find out if the position had been filled so the posting could be removed and archived.
  • In addition, we stopped posting to library schools, directly, due to Human Resources issues and also the fact that this can now be done with ease by the school themselves.
  • A goal for the upcoming year is to better monitor postings to ensure they do not stay posted longer than necessary and to ensure all postings are archived immediately once they are taken down.

CALL Public Relations Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

During the 2017-2018 business year, Donna Tuke and Jesse Bowman served as co-chairs of Public Relations Committee. In these roles, Donna and Jesse primarily promoted CALL events via the CALL website, Facebook, and Twitter. Moreover, using the CALL Twitter account, Donna actively re-Tweeted stories of interest to legal information professionals. Continue reading CALL Public Relations Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

Archives Committee Annual Report

At the May 2017 CALL Business meeting, CALL celebrated its 70th Anniversary. The Archives Committee assisted the anniversary committee with information about CALL and photos for display at the May meeting. In addition to supplying this information, there were also some inquiries for archival materials and an in-person visit. Continue reading Archives Committee Annual Report

CALL Bulletin Committee Annual Report

The 2016-17 Bulletin Committee consisted of co-editors Juanita Harrell, Philip Johnson, and Scott Vanderlin and committee members Emily Barney, Susan Berg, Tami Carson, Debbie Ginsberg, Annie Mentkowski, Stacia Stein, and Clanitra Stewart Nejdl. Our board liaison was Lindsey Carpino. After our November Business Meeting, Susan and Tami volunteered to join the committee in order to help with editing work.

Continue reading CALL Bulletin Committee Annual Report

Continuing Education Committee Annual Report

During the 2016-2017 year, the CALL Continuing Education Committee, co-chaired by Carolyn Hersch and Jesse Bowman, organized and hosted two events, “Switching Library Settings: A CALL Continuing Education and Mentorship Collaboration” and “E-Discovery Webinar.”  Details of these events were as follows: Continue reading Continuing Education Committee Annual Report