Public Relations Committee 2022-2023 Annual Report

Chair: Jesse Bowman


  • Shari Berkowitz Duff
  • Philip Johnson
  • Lyonette Louis-Jacques

This year, the Public Relations (PR) Committee’s major accomplishment was the creation of a CALL Discord server. Ideally, the server will function as an additional forum for communication among CALL membership. Currently, the server includes both a general channel (intended for CALL-wide discussions), as well as individual channels for each CALL committee.

The PR Committee invitation to join the CALL Group on Discord was sent from Jesse Bowman and Mandy Lee to the CALL listserv on February 27, 2023 and access was designed to be limited to CALL members.

Screenshot of the CALL Discord server showing the text at the top of the #general text channell showing the word "Welcome to the Chicago Association of Law Libraries: This is the beginning of this server" with the date November 9, 2022
CALL Discord Server, created November 2022 and shared in February 2023

Additionally, the PR Committee promoted CALL member accomplishments through the CALL Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. The Committee attempted to keep abreast of publications authored, presentations delivered, and awards received by CALL members, and to highlight them accordingly.