Membership Committee Annual Report 2022-2023

Chair: Jessie LeMar


  • Todd Ito
  • Julie Pabarja
  • Juanita Harrell

Committee Charge: 

The committee’s main charge is updating and management of the online directory, which replaced the print directory. This included eliminating duplicate accounts, standardizing firm and company names, and coordinating with the CALL Listserv admins to update the member emails.

CALL members must now contact Membership Committee members directly to make changes to their account in Neon after the initial creation of their account. This helps to maintain the accuracy and standardization of data.

Committee Initiatives: 

The committee had two initiatives in the past year, in addition to other projects for meetings and elections.

CALL Membership Survey

First, we attempted to gather information from members on years of service to CALL. This included an online form, as well as paper forms distributed at our two in-person meetings. Members were encouraged to submit information on when they joined CALL and how long they’ve been a member. The recent CALL anniversary was the impetus to collect this data.

We did not receive enough feedback to make this data truly useful, but will be reevaluating this initiative in the coming year. The membership database lacks this information as the Association has transitioned to variations of software and print resources throughout the years.

AALL Members in Chicagoland

The second initiative was to identify AALL members in the Chicagoland regional geographic area that were not members of CALL. This was an attempt to reach possible new members that would be interested in joining CALL. However, restrictions on accessing national AALL member data made this project too time intensive.

Finally, the committee coordinated with the Executive Board to identify new members to be recognized at CALL Business Meetings, and generated lists of current members for the annual election. The committee thanks our members for their hard work this past year.