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February Business Meeting – Judge Edmond Chang

President Scott Vanderlin gaveled in the first meeting of 2023, which had 63 registrants and 27 participants attending for the The Future of History in Legal Research.  One new member joined CALL -Amy Tomaszewski and Scott welcomed her.

Vice President Mandy Lee introduced Judge Chang who provided and overview of two Supreme Court cases and how they show how the role of history impacts the decisions rendered in those cases. Continue reading February Business Meeting – Judge Edmond Chang

November Business Meeting

This first meeting back in person after a long period of virtual business meetings was held at  Wildfire on Erie on November 17, 2022, and attended by about 35 people in person.  Bloomberg Law sponsored the event.

The featured speaker was Aaron Annable, Consul – Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service, Consulate General of Canada in Chicago, who shared about connectinos between our nations, services and goals the Consulate is focused on and answered questions Continue reading November Business Meeting

Outstanding In-House Publication Award: Appellate Brief Guide

While Debbie and I have been offering Word Workshops in our first year Legal Writing curriculum for 5+ years, this new guide was designed to focus on the resources offered for just one major assignment, breaking down each section to match the skills I show in my in-person workshops.

For Spring 2022, I knew I’d be seeing 250 students over the semester and I wanted to make the materials I’d created as accessible as possible. Continue reading Outstanding In-House Publication Award: Appellate Brief Guide

CALL Executive Board Minutes – December 2019

December 10, 2019 9:00 a.m.

Board Members Present: Jessie LeMar, Lindsey Carpino, Joe Mitzenmacher, Julie Swanson, Megan Butman, and Philip Johnson

Board Members Absent: Jesse Bowman

Significant Actions: None

Guests: Diana Koppang, Jean Wenger, Clare Willis, and Lisa Winkler

Treasurer’s Report (Section IV):

  1. Harris Bank Balance as of December 9, 2019: $10,111.10
  2. Net income as of December 9, 2019: ($1,480.84)
  3. Membership numbers to date – 212