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May 2024 Business Meeting

CALL held its May 2024 Business Meeting at Wildfire, 159 W. Erie St., on Thursday, May 16, 2024.  President Mandy Lee welcomed two new members to the meeting: Ross Prolic and Ian Williams.

Mandy also gave a quick review of CALL highlights for the past year, including regular no-host lunch and happy hour meet-ups, community service events, and 2 in-person business meetings.

Thomson Reuters was our meeting sponsor, and Blythe McCoy mentioned the Thomson party this year at AALL, which will be on Monday night at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Meeting speaker

Our Business Meeting speaker was June Liebert, current AALL President. June discussed the recent and ongoing round tables held at various law school libraries regarding AI and the Future of Law Libraries, using the format of vicious and virtuous cycles.  She also discussed the idea of space, and how it can still be important even with so much of our work being done online.  June noted that people crave connections, libraries represent more than just a service, and certain populations rely on libraries for access to justice.  June also pointed out that it is not possible to digitize everything, but noted that it is not clear how libraries can fill the role of saving those things that cannot be put online.

June then discussed the changing roles of law librarians, and how increasing use of AI creates opportunities for growth of our profession.  She suggested that librarians must stay updated on what is going on with AI and technology in research and information to help people understand new technologies and learn to use AI.

June reported that AALL is hosting a (free to members) webinar series on Generative AI Foundations.  The first session already happened, and is posted on the AALL website.   She noted that attendance at this session was over 600 people, which broke a record for AALL seminar attendance.  June reminded the group that the next session is on the basics of prompt engineering, and is upcoming.

June reminded the group that the AALL Annual Meeting is coming up in July, and June said that they already have a high number of registrants.  She said that some of the hot topics will be around AI, DEI and legal tech.  She also encouraged people to check out the pre-conference workshops.  June also told the group that AALL is still looking for volunteers for the conference.  If anyone is interested, they should contact June Liebert or AALL.

Finally, June told the group the next conference location is Portland, Oregon.  She recommended Portland as a city with great food options!

Recognitions and awards

Mandy recognized the following individuals for their extra efforts in CALL this past year with a Presidential Certificate:

  • Mike McMillan and Carrie Port, Meetings co-chairs – for getting in-person meetings back in order.
  • Clare Willis – for spearheading the website revamp committee/project.

Mandy also presented the following awards:

Agnes & Harvey Reid Award for Excellence in Librarianship:  Lindsay Carpino

Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award: Pat Sayre-McCoy

Committee reports

The following committees offered reports:

Community Service:

The committee announced that they recently held a day of service at Cradles to Crayons, where they rehabilitated shoes to give them a new life for someone else.  This was also the charity for donations at the meeting, and QR codes were available at the tables for donations.


The committee announced that they are producing a special summer issue to cover the AALL Annual Meeting and hope to include “hidden gems” suggested by the members.  Emily Barney will send around a survey for people to send suggestions.

Meeting closing

We had four raffle prizes this meeting!  Lexis sponsored two $25 gift cards, and they were won by Lindsey McGuire and Shari Duff.  Thomson Reuters gave a $25 gift card, won by Jim Fortsas, and a $50 gift card, won by Susan Siebert.

Before closing the business portion of the meeting, Mandy acknowledged and thanked the board members transitioning off the Executive Board: Todd Hillmer (Treasurer) and Scott Vanderlin (Past President).  Mandy welcomed the new Board members joining for the 2024-2025 CALL year: Emily Byrne (Director) and Mike McMillan (Treasurer). Mandy also thanked and acknowledged the current Board members who are moving to new positions on the Board: Philip Johnson (President), Mandy Lee (Past President), and Jill Meyer (Vice President/President-Elect).



September Business Meeting with Steven Schwinn

CALL held its September 2023 Business meeting at Maggiano’s on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.  President Mandy Lee welcomed three new members to the meeting: Andrew Ellison, Kathleen Mance, and Rachel Tomei.  

Meeting Speaker

Vice-President/President Elect Philip Johnson introduced our speaker, Steven D. Schwinn, professor of law at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law, where he teaches constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, human rights, civil rights, and legal writing. Continue reading September Business Meeting with Steven Schwinn

May Business Meeting – Judge Jesse G. Reyes

The May meeting kicked off at 11:30 am with early attendees networking.  68 people registered for the event, including new members Kamilah Wentworth and Katie Leonard.  The event was sponsored by S&P Global.  Representatives Tim Gilroy & Cortland Martin were present.  Lexis provided the door prizes.  Tim Koppang from Lexis attended. Continue reading May Business Meeting – Judge Jesse G. Reyes

February Business Meeting – Judge Edmond Chang

President Scott Vanderlin gaveled in the first meeting of 2023, which had 63 registrants and 27 participants attending for the The Future of History in Legal Research.  One new member joined CALL -Amy Tomaszewski and Scott welcomed her.

Vice President Mandy Lee introduced Judge Chang who provided and overview of two Supreme Court cases and how they show how the role of history impacts the decisions rendered in those cases. Continue reading February Business Meeting – Judge Edmond Chang

September Business Meeting – Daniel Scanlan

The September meeting was attended by about 44 people via Zoom,  56 people had registered.

President Scott Vanderlin opened the first business meeting of the season by reminding everyone that this year is the 75th anniversary of CALL. The initial 75th anniversary celebration at the Columbia Yacht Club was well attended and there will be more activities throughout the year to memorialize the occasion.

Online meetings will continue throughout the year but CALL will also be meeting more in person this year to support professional social relationships and networking. The November meeting, to be held November 17, 2022, will be in person and members are encouraged to do what they can to attend. Continue reading September Business Meeting – Daniel Scanlan

November Business Meeting

This first meeting back in person after a long period of virtual business meetings was held at  Wildfire on Erie on November 17, 2022, and attended by about 35 people in person.  Bloomberg Law sponsored the event.

The featured speaker was Aaron Annable, Consul – Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service, Consulate General of Canada in Chicago, who shared about connectinos between our nations, services and goals the Consulate is focused on and answered questions Continue reading November Business Meeting

February Business Meeting – Monica Eng

The February meeting was attended by about 75 people via Zoom.  President Jamie Sommer opened the meeting welcoming people and announcing that this year is the 75th anniversary of CALL.  We were the 3rd Chapter and started with less than 20 people.  We now have over 200 members.  A committee has been formed to plan events to celebrate the anniversary.  There will be networking after the meeting and thanks to Bridge Nelson of Lexis for our door prizes which were raffled off at the end.

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Scott Vanderlin introduced our speaker Monica Eng.  She is a reporter for Axios Chicago where she co-writes a daily newsletter with Justin Kaufmann about news, food, health, sports, education, culture and more. Before starting at Axios  Monica was the Curious City reporter at WBEZ, where she reported on food, health, cultural and environmental issues starting in 2013. Continue reading February Business Meeting – Monica Eng

May Business Meeting – Kristen Sonday & Devshi Mehrotra

The May 12, 2022 meeting was attended by about 60 people via Zoom.  Incoming President Scott Vanderlin welcomed everyone as outgoing President Jamie Sommer was ill.  There were a couple of guests to celebrate Nancy Henry’s retirement.  Scott thanked Lexis for providing the door prizes.  Also thanks to Eugene Giudice for donating copies of his book for additional raffle projects.  There will also be a virtual hangout after the meeting for socializing.  Scott then introduced the two speakers.

Presentation: Our speakers for the meeting were Kristen Sonday, co-founder and CEO of Paladin and Devshi Mehrotra, founder and CEO of Justice Text.  They spoke about their experiences as female LegalTech founders and CEOs, the importance of technology in the push for access to justice and increased accessibility of legal information, as well as the importance of legal professionals in their work. Continue reading May Business Meeting – Kristen Sonday & Devshi Mehrotra

November Business Meeting – Rhea Ballard-Throwe

CALL convened on November 18, 2021 at noon via Zoom for our November Business Meeting. There were 54 registrants for this meeting. President Jamie Sommer opened the meeting and thanked Lexis for sponsoring the door prizes before handing it over to Vice President Scott Vanderlin, who introduced our speaker, Dean Rhea Ballard-Thrower.


Dean Ballard-Thrower was recently named the University Librarian at the University of Illinois Chicago. She was previously the Executive Director of the Howard University Libraries and a tenured professor at the Howard University School of Law. She has also served as Director of the Howard University Law Library, Associate Director of the Georgia State University Law Library, and as a reference librarian for the Tarlton Law Library at the University of Texas-Austin. Continue reading November Business Meeting – Rhea Ballard-Throwe

November Business Meeting – David Schwartz and Adam Pah from SCALES-OKN

November 19, 2020 Business Meeting at 12:00 p.m. via Zoom

Our November Business Meeting had 59 attendees. President Lindsey Carpino opened the meeting by welcoming new members and introducing our sponsor, Thomson Reuters. Blythe McCoy discussed the various COVID-19 and civil rights resources that Thomson Reuters has made available to researchers. She also discussed Thomson Reuter’s financial support to the city of Minneapolis and expanded opportunities for employees to volunteer in the community. Continue reading November Business Meeting – David Schwartz and Adam Pah from SCALES-OKN