May 2023 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call: May 9, 2023

Board Members Present: Scott Vanderlin, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, Jill Meyer, Carrie Port, Jamie Sommers,  and Todd Hillmer

Board Members Absent: None

Guests: Phillip Johnson, Lucy Robbins, Claire Gaynor Willis

Significant Actions:

  1. Call meeting to order – President  Scott Vanderlin called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.
  2. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.
  3. Approve Secretary’s minutes – The April minutes were approved.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Harris Balances as of May 1,2023: $20,870.13 in our CD and $15,496.97 in checking.
    2. Membership numbers: 216 current total members.
  5. Old Business
    1. CALL Lifetime Memberships – Scott Burgh would like to have one. Question is to what would the dues be?  Scott Vanderlin had a conversation with him to discuss the idea and told him the board had discussed it in the March meeting and decided it probably was not going to happen.  Scott Burgh was fine with it.  He has also been spending a lot of time lobbying the legislature about the  Coroner Fee Reduction Bill and he will write an article about the process for the Bulletin.
  6. New Business
    1. Board Transition
      1. Welcome: Philip Johnson, Clare Willis, and Lucy Robbins – we welcomed the new members.
      2. Farewell: Jamie Sommer, Sarah Andeen, and Carrie Port – all three outgoing members were thanks for their service.
      3. Committee Liaison Assignments: new assignments were made and are outlined below.
    2. AALL Annual Meeting Activities
        1. CONELL Marketplace – Saturday, July 15 (RSVP by May 26) – Member groups of AALL often have tables at CONELL to talk about themselves.  Do we want to have one this year?  Scott has done this in the past and is not sure how useful it is for Chapters as we are geography based and most people who want to join us know about us. Carrie made the point that the annual meeting is in Chicago next year and we should focus on that.  Mandy is going to be at CONELL for another group and will wave the flag for CALL from that table as well.
        2. Poster/Display Board in Activities Area (RSVP by June 7) – Do we want to have a display again this year?  If so, what would we do?  Want to do one and maybe sell the city to recruit people to come to the annual meeting for next year. Scott will do this. People register as a team via CALL and CALL will cover part of the cost.
      1. Race Judicata – Aug. 31 (payments due 8/25) Do we want to do this again?  Yes we do, but having a tee-shirt we need to design now.  The board will get this set up and Scott will continue to create his wonderful tee-shirts.
      2. Any last minute details for May Business meeting?  Claire said the Osteria was asking about a wine package.  Do we need alcohol?  No, we do not need one.  Registration numbers have picked up.  Now at about 48 people. Slightly smaller attendance allows a broader choice of venues too.  Jamie said physical awards should be ready to be handed out at the meeting.
      3. Committee Annual Reports – remind chairs to submit by June 1 if possible.
      4. Committee Chair and volunteer survey for 2023-2024 – Will work on getting the survey out earlier to get the committees set up earlier.
  7. Committee Reports : 
    1. Archives: Todd – Nothing to report.  Chair of archives is leaving Loyola, so look to replace the Chair.
    2. Bulletin:  Sarah – Claire taking over as board liaison – Matt Timko reported that they had not received any outreach from the other committees about content for the Bulletin and requested that the liaisons send reminders to the Committee Chairs based on the Committee “Convention” schedule set last December.
    3. Bylaws: Todd – Heidi is going to try for a meeting in the fall.
    4. Community Service: Carrie – Jill is taking over as board liaison. Event on Saturday, May 13 with the Chicago River organization. 7 people have signed up so far. The charity for the business meeting is Books for Women in Prison.
    5. Continuing Education: Todd –State Dockets program Wed, May 10th. Still trying to set up a mini AALL.
    6. Corporate Memory: Sarah – Claire taking over as board liaison – Nothing to report.
    7. Diversity & Inclusion: Scott – Nothing to report.
    8. Government Relations: Mandy– AALL GRC met last week
    9. Grants & Chapter Awards: Jamie – Nothing to report.
    10. Meetings: Jill – Phillip taking over as board liaison – Jill  Osteria via Stato on Tuesday May 15th is the next meeting.
    11. Membership: Jill – Nothing to report.
    12. Mentorship: Mandy – Lucy taking over as board liaison –Trying to find a new kind of meeting event as current format is not working.  Looking to have a summer event.  Maybe try to generate a tip list?  Maybe a media club over the summer?
    13. Nominations & Elections:  Scott – Mandy taking over as board liaison – Nothing to report.
    14. Placement/Recruitment: Carrie – Nothing to report
    15. Public Relations: Jamie – Lucy taking over as board liaison – Nothing to report.
  8. Announcements – No announcements
  9. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:05  a.m.