CALL Placement and Recruitment Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

Committee members: Susan Berg (co-chair), Lucy Robbins (co-chair), Megan Butman, Sarah Reis

2018-2019 Activities

The CALL Placement and Recruitment Committee posted 28 job postings in 2019.

  • The Placement & Recruitment Committee continued the policy of receiving and posting jobs advertisements as they came through the CALL website Job Posting Form.
  • Job postings were added to the Jobs & Careers Job Postings section of the CALL website
  • Job postings were also sent to the CALL listserv.


Many postings came through, were posted, then we were asked to re-post because the requester made a mistake or did not indicate where to apply.

Instructions need to be added that this information must be provided.  This happened on more than several occasions this year which was not the case the year before.