CALL Public Relations Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report


Jesse Bowman,


  • Sharon Nelson,
  • Donna Tuke,


  • Lyonette Louis-Jacques
  • Shari Berkowitz Duff
  • Matt Timko
  • Debbie Ginsberg

Social Media Accounts:

2018-2019 PR Activities

During the 2018-2019 business year, Donna Tuke and Sharon Nelson served as co-chairs of the Public Relations Committee.  Donna and Sharon split the responsibilities.

Donna primarily promoted CALL’s activities via Facebook and Twitter. Donna added The Board’s updated photo to the Facebook page.  Business lunch information was posted and promoted with scheduled posts on Facebook.  We live -tweeted when a committee member was in attendance. The organic reach of those posts was moderate.

News of election results and the current Bulletin issues were also posted on Facebook. Also, using the CALL Twitter and Facebook account, Donna also actively posted stories of interest to legal information professionals using the CALL Twitter and Facebook account.

Sharon revised and updated the CALL website as needed, including the election biographies and candidates’ statements, and handled the LinkedIn account.


The following recommendations are left over from last year and we recommend them again.

Twitter: Clarify what it means [per committee charge] to “inform the legal and library communities about CALL” and align it with the Twitter profile: “Supporting professional development and encouraging leadership, collaboration, and advocacy in the Chicagoland legal information community.”

Facebook: Clarify what Facebook is best used for. Donna and Sharon recommend that it is a channel for members’ information and CALL announcements that come between website updates, including business meetings and information about the sponsors, election results, articles in the recent CALL Bulletin, and more.

Website: Set a schedule of website updates. Committee chairs are able to do their own updates; however, committee members can send updates to the PR chair if the committee chair is not able or willing to do so.  We suggest four dates:

  • September 15 [for board and committee updates; board meetings and business meeting updates]
  • December 15
  • March 15
  • June 15

Strongly encourage all board members and committee members to use social media and retweet/like the committee’s posts.

Create a “handoff” checklist for PR committee chairs that includes logins and passwords for CALL social media sites and email accounts.

With thanks and gratitude to the committee members, we respectfully submit our report.