CALL Corporate Memory Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

The committee members who assisted in the 2018-2019 review of minutes and policy log changes were: Judy Gaskell, Betty Roeske, Susan Siebers, and Robert Winger. Annie Mentkowski assisted tremendously through her work as CALL Secretary while compiling the minutes and communicating changes to the Board.

The committee successfully reviewed the remaining board meeting minutes during fall 2018 and submitted suggested changes to CALL Secretary, Annie Mentkowski. The committee focused its efforts on streamlining the review processes for minutes by using the Chair as executive decision-making for communicating critical changes and policies to the secretary/board. The committee’s work and activities directly support the institutional history goals of CALL and also preserved CALL policies by updating the policy log (which needed review from 2016-2019 for substantive policies consolidated in the most recently edited log).

The committee continued to meet and work during the spring term to consider further work and revisions to the CALL policy log. A subcommittee was convened to review those minutes with the Chair having final review of the backlogged incorporation of the CALL recent policies (2016-present) into the policy log. The Chair then reviewed those major policies and included those substantive policies in a document to the Board at the May board meeting. The committee also reviewed all meeting minutes during the 2018-2019 year to suggest any changes to the CALL secretary and the Board. Overall, the main activities for the year were reviewing the minutes, suggesting a slight change to the CALL corporate memory committee charge for more frequent review and communication of CALL corporate memory log policies/revisions to the Board, and then editing the CALL corporate memory log to make it current through 2019. The Board approved the revisions to both the CALL policy log and the Committee’s charge for more frequent consultation and advice and consent of the CALL Board regarding any edits to the CALL Policy Log.

The CALL Board was very supportive in the endeavors of the committee to improve process and CALL recordkeeping through more frequent incorporation of edits to the policy log this year. The Committee’s efforts will likely preserve the institutional memory of CALL in a more efficient fashion for the foreseeable future.