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CALL Executive Board 2024-2025

The Nominations and Elections Committee sought nominations for the 2024-2025 CALL Executive Board: Director, Secretary, and Vice-President/President-Elect via over the CALL listserv. The slate was announced on the CALL listserv.


Vice President/President Elect

Jill Meyer

Manager, Legal Information Services, Dykema Gossett

Therese Clark Arado

Interim Directory of the Law Library and Professor, Northern Illinois University


Mike McMillian

Senior Research, McDermott, Will & Emery LLP


Jim Fortsas

Technical Services Librarian, Cook County Law Library

Emily Byrne

Library Clerk, Chapman & Cutler LLP


Winners were announced on the CALL listserv following the election.

Vice-President/President Elect

Jill Meyer


Mike McMillan


Emily Byrne

Congratulations to the incoming executive board!

AALL: Welcome to Chicago! Recommendations from Local CALL Members.

With the AALL conference being held in Chicago this year, we wanted to showcase local recommendations for things to do, places to eat, and more!

Downtown Hidden Gems

Milton Lee Olive Park, recommended by Sarah Reneker Andeen

“The Milton Lee Olive Park is a small gem of a park right on the Lakefront near Navy Pier. Less chaotic and crowded than the main Lakefront it is a great place to see the iconic Chicago views. Many people take picnics or takeout. ”

Favorite Building

The Rookery Building, recommended by Emily Barney

“The Rookery Building at 209 South LaSalle Street was designed by Burnham & Root in the late 1800s, and updated by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1900s with a gorgeous “light court” in the center of the building. The lobby is free to visit M-F fr4om 7am to 6pm and on Saturday from 8am-2pm.”

Multiple buildings, recommended by Caitlin Archer-Helke

  • “Monadnock Building (Dearborn and Jackson) is the world’s tallest building with load-bearing walls!
  • Bond Chapel (University of Chicago) is very small, very intimate, and is a remarkably beautiful little space
  • Roosevelt University/Auditorium Theater
  • Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church (formerly Temple Isaiah) in Bronzeville, one of the birthplaces of gospel music and a testament to Dankmar Adler’s genius in architecture and acoustical engineering
  • Roby House, Frank Lloyd Wright. and the U of C’s business school across from it, which echoes its terraces as well as the main campus’s Gothic Revival architecture
  • Carbide & Carbon Building, Burnham Brothers, Chicago Loop – the wine bottle-top (completed 1929) totally speaks for itself
  • Bertram Goldberg’s Marina Towers
  • Jeannie Gang’s Aqua
  • The Intercontinental Hotel (just north of the river), because where else can you find a zeppelin launcher on the top of a building?!”

Favorite Neighborhood

Hyde Park, recommended by Jasmine Schreiber

“Headed to the Thomson Reuters party? Head over a little early to explore Hyde Park! A beautiful neighborhood with the gothic architecture of UChicago and proximity to the lakeside, Hyde Park recently made Time Out’s list of the 40 coolest neighborhoods in the world. Take a stroll by the lake at Promontory Point and soak in the view of the city skyline. Or, check out the Garden of the Phoenix in Jackson Park, nestled behind the Museum of Science and Industry. To get to Hyde Park, take the number 6 bus, or the Metra from downtown. ”

Pilsen, recommended by Emily Barney

“Pilsen is a neighborhood with great public art, the wonderful (free!) National Museum of Mexican Art, lots of great restaurants, and local shops from Mexican candies and bakeries to record shops and clothing and art galleries. If you stick around Chicago through the next weekend, the 52nd annual Fielsa del Sol will be held from Thursday July 25th through Sunday July 28th.”

Favorite Free Attraction

Chicago Cultural Center, recommended by Caitlin Archer-Helke and Kristen Naik

“Chicago Cultural Center, including some of the world’s biggest Tiffany mosaics and a lot of free exhibits, concerts, and more.” Located in the Loop.

Museum of Contemporary Photography, recommended by Emily Barney

“The Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College (at 600 South Michigan Avenue) is open 10am-5pm Monday-Saturday, and 12pm-5pm on Sundays. They have rotating exhibits with wide-ranging subject matter and feature artists from around the world.” Located in the South Loop.

Favorite Local Brew (coffee, tea, brewery, etc.)

Raised Bar, recommended by Kristen Naik

“While not the tallest of the buildings along the river, it is right on Wacker and gives you a great view of the riverwalk. If you are able to get an outside table, you can look right over the river! Also has some fun drinks!” Located downtown, on the river.

Eli’s Tea Bar, recommended by Shannon Conder

“Eli’s has an amazing drink lineup (with really creative seasonal options!), and they host events pretty much every night! It’s a bit of a hike from the Loop, but it’s at the end of a great lineup of shops in Andersonville.”

Favorite Chicago Pizza

Pizzeria Due, recommended by Stacia Stein

“Pizzeria Due — Spinoccoli deep dish. Spinach and Broccoli make this a nourishing and nutritious choice. It’s basically a health food.” Located in River North.

Favorite Library 

Blackstone Branch of the Chicago Public Library, recommended by Caitlin Archer-Helke

“It’s small and maybe not impressive (except architecturally), but it was my childhood branch, and it was always a magical place for me.” Located in Kenwood.

Harold Washington Library, recommended by Leah Whitesel

“Check out the top floor!” Located in the Loop.

Chinatown Branch of the Chicago Public Library, recommended by Shannon Conder

“It’s currently closed for renovations, but if you ever find yourself in Chinatown, stop by the library! It’s an absolutely gorgeous building, and they occasionally host cultural events.”

Favorite Bookstore

The Book Cellar, recommended by Leah Whitesel and Jim Forstas

“The Book Cellar. Independent bookshop with a little cafe attached in the heart of Lincoln Square across from Giddings Plaza.” Located in Lincoln Square.

Unabridged Bookstore, recommended by Emily

“Unabridged Bookstore – Unabridged has been around 40+ years, has a large collection of LGBTQ+ titles, a big sale section, and a very cute kids section. They sell cute totes and mugs that would be wonderful souvenirs. Staff there is knowledgeable and open to questions. They also usually have some signed copies of newer releases by Chicago authors. In the Lakeview East neighborhood, and near North Halsted neighborhood, Belmont Harbor, and the Lakefront Trail.”

Favorite Public Art

Murals, recommended by Emily Barney

“If you’re looking for an emblematic public mural to represent your visit, the ‘Welcome to Chicago’ mural by the duo known as Greetings Tour – Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs, is designed like a classic postcard with each letter highlighting different famous images of Chicago. A block or two south is another Mural honoring Robin Williams and just beyond that is a small ice cream parlor, Margie’s Candies, that’s been in business for over 100 years.”

Favorite Restaurant

Minghin, recommended by Sarah Reneker Aldeen

“Minghin is a great place for Dim Sum – and all Chinese food. The Dim Sum menu is offered all day and there is a happy hour from 2-5 of 20% off (not in Chinatown).” Locations in Lakeshore East, South Loop, Streeterville, and Chinatown.

Daisy’s Po Boy, recommended by Jasmine Schreiber

“Daisy’s Po Boy is a gem of the South Side of Chicago. The menu is packed with delicious options(including vegetarian and vegan options) that will transport you to New Orleans. Yes, even alligator is on the menu! Chef Erick Williams was named Best Chef: Great Lakes by the James Beard Foundation in 2022. Your appetite is in good hands. ”

Café Central, recommended by Caitlin Archer-Helke

“Café Central, a long-standing Puerto Rican greasy spoon/hole-in-the-wall that is very worth a visit. It is the oldest Puerto Rican restaurant in Chicago and is so delicious.” Located in Noble Square.

Margie’s Candies, recommended by Mike

“Margie’s Candies is great old time ice-cream/soda-shop and candy store still owned by original family members. Jump in the DeLorean and take a ride back to the 1930s.” Located in Bucktown.

CALL at AALL: Sessions with CALL Member Speakers

While you’re planning your schedule at the 2024 AALL Conference, consider attending these fascinating sessions featuring CALL members! Our members will be presenting, moderating, or speaking at several sessions on a wide range of topics, from GenAI to mentoring to state court dockets and much more. Some of the sessions run at the same times, but if you plan ahead, you can join at least one session featuring a CALL member every day of the conference.

Saturday, July 20 at 9:00am (Atlanta)
Discover Foreign & International Law in The Second City (Separate Registration Required)
CALL Member(s): Jean M. Wenger, Adam Weber, Diane Wood, Mandy Lee
How do we best prepare students and assist attorneys with research involving foreign and international law and legal questions? AALL must lead in training the next generation of law librarians knowledgeable about foreign and international law research as our legal landscape requires professionals possessing these specialized research skills. Taking advantage of Chicago as a global legal marketplace, this day-long workshop will tap the expertise of lawyers, judges, academics, and law librarians, focusing on international and foreign practice. Law librarians in all institutional settings, academic, firm, public, and government, encounter questions about international and foreign law and practice and will benefit from attending this workshop.

Saturday, July 20 at 9:00am (Grand Ballroom A)
Unleashing Innovation: A Rollercoaster Ride to Implement, Plan, and Fund Your GenAI Toolkit (Separate Registration Required)
CALL Member(s): Diana J. Koppang
This is a high level and strategic workshop designed for professionals seeking to harness the transformative potential of GenAI tools. The workshop will delve into practical implementation strategies, financial planning, and integration considerations. Participants will gain insights into how GenAI can reshape work processes, enhance decision-making, and drive efficiency.

Sunday, July 21 at 2pm (Grand Ballroom A)
Cool Tools Café: Existing and Emerging Technologies
With new technologies releasing faster than ever, the annual Cool Tools Café provides a space for legal information professionals to get hands-on learning experience with a variety of emerging and existing technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about tools that can improve library services from fellow legal information professionals who have used these technologies in their own libraries. Previous iterations of this program have included tools for legal research, collaboration, marketing services, instruction, productivity, citation, presentations, and website functionality.

Sunday, July 21 at 3:15pm (Grand Ballroom)
Hot Topic: AI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly–60 AI Websites, Tools, and Apps in 60 Minutes
CALL Member(s): Bridget MacMillan (Speaker)
Artificial Intelligence has impacted every aspect of our culture—or will, shortly. Join us for a fast-paced review of AI websites, tools, and apps—from the sublime to the ridiculous. An AI-powered stuffed cat or a self-driving bicycle? Sure, why not? An app that summarizes case law in seconds and explains it to you “like you were five”? Sounds perfect. Every profession, every hobby, every aspect of our physical, emotional, and even spiritual lives is being transformed. But what makes a “good” application of AI, and what is just silly? By reviewing a wide range of applications (the good, the bad and the ugly), attendees will see just how far AI is infiltrating our collective experience and walk away with some practical applications—and a few laughs as well.

Monday, July 22 at 9:30am (Grand Ballroom A)
Bridging Differences in Mentoring Relationships
CALL Member(s): Mandy Lee (Coordinator/Speaker), Brandy Ellis (Speaker)
This program aims to equip both mentors and mentees with tools to develop more productive mentoring relationships. Modeled after the Mentoring Across Differences (MAD) workshop, created by Nora Yusuf Osman and Barbara Gottlieb (MedEdPORTAL 2018), this workshop is designed to foster confidence and self-awareness in navigating differences across a variety of domains. Interested mentors and mentees are encouraged to attend!

Monday, July 22 at 9:30am (Regency Ballroom D)
Hot Topic: SCOTUS: A Year in Review
CALL Member(s):  Tom Gaylord, Barry Sullivan
SCOTUS has tackled a host of hot-button topics over the past calendar year and is poised to deliver even more controversial rulings in the coming months. This interactive panel will highlight key developments from last term and prepare participants for what’s to come on SCOTUS’s current docket. Subjects of key cases include Chevron deference, gun regulation for individuals under domestic violence restraining orders, the Perdue Pharma opioid settlement, FDA regulations regarding mifepristone, and much more.

Monday, July 22 at 10:45am (Regency Ballroom D)
Holding On is Holding Us Back: Positioning Ourselves for the Future Law Library Workplace
CALL Member(s): Diana J. Koppang
In order to retain talent and drive new professionals to our workplaces, there must be a reevaluation of the structural and cultural norms that have endured for too long. In the first part of this program, we will reimagine the law library of the future including work-life balance expectations and organizational structure to meet the demands of our changing field. In the second part, we will discuss how to work toward this future vision in the present. While this transformation may require incremental changes, we must start now to retain and drive talent to ensure our organizations’ future success.

Monday, July 22 at 10:45am (Regency Ballroom C)
 Law Library Managerial Lessons Learned from Experience
CALL Member(s): Mandy Lee
When law librarians find themselves in managerial roles, it is often, but not always, by choice. No matter the circumstances, how do these individuals acquire the knowledge to lead teams? That knowledge may be earned through hard-won experience. This program strives to spare attendees some of the growing pains that come from trial by (leadership) fire. Three speakers, each of whom is an early-stage law library manager, will share insights from the vantage point of their institutional positions.

Monday, July 22 at 10:45am (Regency Ballroom B)
State Court Dockets: Demystifying Online Access and Coverage
CALL Member(s): Shari Berkowitz Duff, Claire Gaynor Willis
Access and coverage for state court dockets and filings have always been a guessing game depending on which state you are talking about, let alone what county, parish, or city—not to mention the case or court type. Knowing and remembering at any given point what is available, at what cost, what it is called, and who has access is no easy feat, even for seasoned librarians and researchers. How do you even begin to remember it all, especially when courts expand access (YES, PLEASE!) or seem to have less access (please, NO!) on an almost daily basis?! Are there different levels of access if you are in a law firm, an academic institution, or a member of the general public? If you reach out to your team’s “expert” on state court dockets with all of these burning questions, then it might be time for your team to create an internal guide. But how do you start, how detailed do you get, and is there even time? Let’s have a conversation to discuss these trends, methods to keep on top of all of these changes, and our collective experiences.

Tuesday, July 23 at 11:15am (Grand Ballroom A)
“No.” Is a Complete Sentence: How Librarians Can Budget their Time and Set Realistic Service Expectations
CALL Member(s): Todd Hillmer, Joe Mitzenmacher
“Doing more with less” has been a catchphrase in the law library world for a long time. But that expectation has its limit and we have long since reached it. Now we have to say “no.”

The user who wants access to a resource that is just not available to them? No. That project from some other department that has nothing to do with the library? No. That unrealistic and unnecessary deadline? No. The expectation that the latest hiring freezes will result in maintaining existing service levels? No.

In this program, hear how librarians have said “no” not only successfully but for the greater good of their organizations. Discover how departmental time budgets help determine library priorities. We will showcase tools and best practices for creating time studies and setting time budgets, and we will outline service policies for the best use of both your time and your staff’s time.

Discover the full power of “No.”

Coming Soon: CALL YouTube channel

The CALL Archives Committee has been working with the CALL Board on making our past video presentations (such as CALL Continuing Education events) available to CALL members without the use of a passcode. We are exploring the possibility of posting our videos on YouTube with a “private” listing and then posting them on a page of the CALL site that’s only accessible to current CALL members. The YouTube channel is not available yet, but keep your eyes on the CALL Bulletin and the listserv to find out when it has been set up and activated.

In the meantime, did you know that links to archived Continuing Education presentation videos are available on the current CALL site? Many of the archived recordings are passcode protected, but the recordings of presentations that were conducted by CALL members don’t require a passcode.

February 2024 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

Board members present: Mandy Lee, Philip Johnson, Todd Hillmer, Clare Willis, Lucy Robbins, Scott Vanderlin

Guests: none

Significant Actions:

Policy- CALL continuing education events are only open to CALL members by default but may be made available to non-members at the discretion of the Continuing Education Committee.

April 2024 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

Board members present: Mandy Lee, Todd Hillmer, Clare Willis, Scott Vanderlin, Jill Meyer, Lucy Robbins

Guests: none

Significant Actions:
Policy: Videos shall be saved for as long as practicable without an upgrade to our cloud file storage. Any videos that must deleted will be deleted on a first-in, first-out basis unless decided otherwise by the Continuing Education or Meetings Committee.

May 2024 Business Meeting

CALL held its May 2024 Business Meeting at Wildfire, 159 W. Erie St., on Thursday, May 16, 2024.  President Mandy Lee welcomed two new members to the meeting: Ross Prolic and Ian Williams.

Mandy also gave a quick review of CALL highlights for the past year, including regular no-host lunch and happy hour meet-ups, community service events, and 2 in-person business meetings.

Thomson Reuters was our meeting sponsor, and Blythe McCoy mentioned the Thomson party this year at AALL, which will be on Monday night at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Meeting speaker

Our Business Meeting speaker was June Liebert, current AALL President. June discussed the recent and ongoing round tables held at various law school libraries regarding AI and the Future of Law Libraries, using the format of vicious and virtuous cycles.  She also discussed the idea of space, and how it can still be important even with so much of our work being done online.  June noted that people crave connections, libraries represent more than just a service, and certain populations rely on libraries for access to justice.  June also pointed out that it is not possible to digitize everything, but noted that it is not clear how libraries can fill the role of saving those things that cannot be put online.

June then discussed the changing roles of law librarians, and how increasing use of AI creates opportunities for growth of our profession.  She suggested that librarians must stay updated on what is going on with AI and technology in research and information to help people understand new technologies and learn to use AI.

June reported that AALL is hosting a (free to members) webinar series on Generative AI Foundations.  The first session already happened, and is posted on the AALL website.   She noted that attendance at this session was over 600 people, which broke a record for AALL seminar attendance.  June reminded the group that the next session is on the basics of prompt engineering, and is upcoming.

June reminded the group that the AALL Annual Meeting is coming up in July, and June said that they already have a high number of registrants.  She said that some of the hot topics will be around AI, DEI and legal tech.  She also encouraged people to check out the pre-conference workshops.  June also told the group that AALL is still looking for volunteers for the conference.  If anyone is interested, they should contact June Liebert or AALL.

Finally, June told the group the next conference location is Portland, Oregon.  She recommended Portland as a city with great food options!

Recognitions and awards

Mandy recognized the following individuals for their extra efforts in CALL this past year with a Presidential Certificate:

  • Mike McMillan and Carrie Port, Meetings co-chairs – for getting in-person meetings back in order.
  • Clare Willis – for spearheading the website revamp committee/project.

Mandy also presented the following awards:

Agnes & Harvey Reid Award for Excellence in Librarianship:  Lindsay Carpino

Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award: Pat Sayre-McCoy

Committee reports

The following committees offered reports:

Community Service:

The committee announced that they recently held a day of service at Cradles to Crayons, where they rehabilitated shoes to give them a new life for someone else.  This was also the charity for donations at the meeting, and QR codes were available at the tables for donations.


The committee announced that they are producing a special summer issue to cover the AALL Annual Meeting and hope to include “hidden gems” suggested by the members.  Emily Barney will send around a survey for people to send suggestions.

Meeting closing

We had four raffle prizes this meeting!  Lexis sponsored two $25 gift cards, and they were won by Lindsey McGuire and Shari Duff.  Thomson Reuters gave a $25 gift card, won by Jim Fortsas, and a $50 gift card, won by Susan Siebert.

Before closing the business portion of the meeting, Mandy acknowledged and thanked the board members transitioning off the Executive Board: Todd Hillmer (Treasurer) and Scott Vanderlin (Past President).  Mandy welcomed the new Board members joining for the 2024-2025 CALL year: Emily Byrne (Director) and Mike McMillan (Treasurer). Mandy also thanked and acknowledged the current Board members who are moving to new positions on the Board: Philip Johnson (President), Mandy Lee (Past President), and Jill Meyer (Vice President/President-Elect).