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President’s Letter

Dear CALL colleagues,

One of the most commonly observed phenomena about professional work in the 21st century is the increasing specialization of different jobs, and that is certainly something we have seen in our law librarian community, even within individual law libraries and organizations. However, despite this increasing specialization, there are still things we share that bind us together as law librarians. One of the challenges of the recent AALL rebranding effort was identifying those traits that define all of our work and figuring out how to communicate our value to others outside the profession. AALL’s new tagline, “Your Legal Knowledge Network,” manages to capture a lot in four simple words, and it applies just as well to AALL chapters like CALL as it does to the national organization. Continue reading President’s Letter

President’s Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Another year for CALL has ended and a new Board will take over soon. It has been a great honor being your President and working with so many of you to ensure that CALL provides value to its members. Thank you for your support this past year!

CALL’s success is due to the dedication and commitment of so many of our members. I would like to thank the Executive Board members (Margaret Schilt, Todd Ito, Diana Koppang, Stephanie Crawford, Robert Martin, and Konya Moss) for their time and dedication to CALL. These 6 amazing people are true leaders and great representatives for CALL. Continue reading President’s Letter

President’s Letter

Dear CALL Colleagues:

Happy 2016! It’s that time again when we set goals and ponder about the changes we want to make this new year in our personal and professional life. For me, I am planning on making my Fitbit buzz at 10,000 steps every day. Is anyone interested in a CALL Fitbit Challenge? Professionally, one of my goals is not to procrastinate on getting my timesheets done (anyone else have this goal?). It’s definitely going to take a village or a possible CALL program to help me with my goals. Continue reading President’s Letter

President’s Letter

Dear CALL Colleagues,

It’s all about you!  This year CALL will be about what the members need to keep up with the changes and challenges that our profession faces.  It is important that we stay apprised of the latest trends and to have the skills to meet the demands of our job.  CALL will also focus on helping develop our members into leaders who will not only lead in our institutions but also in our profession. Continue reading President’s Letter

President’s Letter

Dear CALL members,

This is my last letter to you as President of CALL.  At the May business meeting, I handed the gavel to Julie Pabarja, who will do an amazing job this next year as President.

It has been an exciting and productive year!  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who volunteered their time, as committee chairs and committee members.  Together, we’ve accomplished a lot.  Just to name a few things: Continue reading President’s Letter

President’s Letter

Dear CALL members,

I am hoping it is finally safe to call it spring!  The sun is shining as I write this and the temperature is in the 50’s.

CALL members have triumphed over the winter weather, maintaining an impressive level of activity.  The February business meeting featured a sobering and fascinating presentation by David Mendelsohn, Managing Partner of the Chicago Office for DLA Piper and a partner in the Financial Services group, on “The Future of Law Firms from a Managing Partner’s Perspective.”  If you weren’t able to attend, don’t miss Clare Willis’s roundup of the meeting in this issue of the CALL Bulletin.

Continue reading President’s Letter

Presidents’ Letter

Maribel NashDear All,

It’s hard to believe that the 2013-2014 CALL term has come to an end. Before I pass the President’s Letter to Margaret, I want to say a quick thanks to all of our wonderful committee chairs and committee members for the great work done this year!

Extra special thanks to the outgoing members of the 2013-2014 CALL Board–JoAnn Hounshell, Barry Herbert, and Pam Cipkowski–as well as the continuing Board members–Margaret Schilt, Clare Willis, and Jamie Sommer–for being so generous with every fourth Tuesday morning and spending it with me. I think we did great work! Continue reading Presidents’ Letter

Fall 2014 President’s Letter

margaretschiltBy Margaret Schilt, D’Angelo Law Library, University of Chicago

Dear CALL members,

The leaves begin to change and the weather shifts to cooler temperatures, just in time for many of our students to buckle down and focus on their classwork for the autumn semester or quarter. Business seems to pick up for everyone after Labor Day goes by, and CALL is no exception.

This issue is the beginning of a new era for the CALL Bulletin. Lyonette Louis-Jacques and Kevin McClure and the Bulletin Committee have moved the Bulletin to an online publication format, while preserving the ability to print and save each issue as a PDF file, for archiving purposes. This is truly the best of both worlds. Continue reading Fall 2014 President’s Letter

President’s Letter

This is the President’s letter for the Winter 2015 issue of the CALL Bulletin, and this year that appellation is surprisingly and painfully appropriate.  Winter has indeed come early.  But then so have changes and opportunities brought to our membership by the hard work of CALL members and committees.

The CALL Bulletin’s hard work on changing platforms resulted in a great Fall issue!   Continue reading President’s Letter

Spring 2014 President’s Letter

As I write, I’m sitting on an airplane flying home from a two-week trip to Thailand and Myanmar. Just in time to escape one last Chicago snow, I traveled to Southeast Asia (in its 90+ degree glory) to accompany a group of Northwestern Law students conducting field research as part of its International Team Project.
During Spring Break, our small group of twenty conducted interviews with legal professionals, government officials, human rights NGOs, animal rights organizations, and financial officers in Bangkok and Yangon, and managed to do some relaxing and sightseeing on Inle Lake and in Bagan along the way.

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