Clare Willis

President’s Letter

Hello CALL members!

It’s time to go back to school! Law firms are losing those summer associates and gaining the associates who just took the bar. Court libraries will see new clerks and miss the old summer externs. Law schools are gearing up for another semester with new students, new faculty, and the same old questions about how to use the printers.

No matter where we work, the new school year brings CALL members exciting learning opportunities.

We may or may not be taking courses, but CALL continuing education offers us opportunities to keep learning. Once those recordings are available from the AALL conference in Austin, we’ll have more opportunities to learn from the many CALL members who presented this summer. Our September business meeting is just weeks away. This offers all of us the opportunity to learn from our speaker and the meeting sponsors.

A new school year used to mean finding a new seat in the cafeteria. Luckily, all CALL members share the same lunch hour! We get to keep in touch and network at the business meeting and the meet ups that Mentorship and Leadership Development will plan this year.

If you were the kind of kid who was excited for gym class (how did you wind up as a librarian again?), then you can look forward to the Race Judicata. CALL is fielding a team of runners again this year. Contact Julie Swanson for more information or to register by August 25th. This gives CALL an excellent opportunity to raise our profile in the Chicago legal community and possibly win a t-shirt design contest.

Of course, school these days means group work and CALL offers us so many opportunities to work together and make strong connections. I’m excited to work with our committees this year. If you’re not on a committee, let me know. If you planned your prom, we want you on Meetings! If you started a petition to compost the garbage in the cafeteria, Government Relations wants you! If you wrote for the paper or took pictures for yearbook, you belong on the Bulletin! If anyone needs an oboe in the CALL orchestra, call me.

No matter what back-to-school used to mean to you, it now means a chance to make meaningful connections and enhance your career.

I am excited to start my term as CALL President. I thank you all for the opportunity to serve you and our libraries.