Emily Byrne – 2023 Outstanding In-House Publication Honoree

The Outstanding In-House Publication Award is given to an individual or group who created in-house library materials (print or online) that are user and staff oriented, are relevant for law libraries, and are outstanding in quality.

Emily Byrne, Chapman and Cutler LLP

Each year, the library at Chapman and Cutler celebrates National Library Week with daily emails that include short puzzles, a compilation of recommendations in a column called Off-Hours, trivia, book recommendations, prizes and “Did you know…” style research tips. Emily creates the emails and puzzles and each year they get better and better. 

And speaking of getting better each year, this award marks the fourth time Chapman and Cutler has won the award for outstanding in-house publication within the last 10 years:

  • 2018: Departmental Newsletter
  • 2019: Promotion Logo & Bingo Card
  • 2022: Chapman & Cutler Library Week
  • 2023: Chapman & Cutler Library Week