March 2023 CALL Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call

March 14, 2023 9:05 a.m.

Board Members Present: Scott Vanderlin, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, Jill Meyer, Carrie Port, Jamie Sommers, and Todd Hillmer

Board Members Absent: None

Guests: Mike McMillan, Clare Gaynor Willis at the start to discuss Beatrix Happy Hour

Significant Actions:

  1. Call meeting to order – President Scott Vanderlin called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.
  3. Approve Secretary’s minutes – The February minutes were approved.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    • Harris Balances as of February 1,2023: $20,867.56 in our CD and $17,869.99 in checking.
    • Membership numbers: 216 current total members.
  5. Old Business
    • CALL website – Handbook & bylaws – files not found (Mandy). There are some links that do not work because of a plug in issue. Some files can be archived.  Emily Barney has them archived at Chicago Kent.  There are a lot of things that are old and outdated such as old directories, bios from old elections, etc.  All links should work on the site, but what should be done with the older materials.  WordPress can be difficult to use.  Biggest issue is who really should be responsible for managing this.  Conversation for new president is to consider a re-design of the website and look into something easier to maintain. Immediately the issue is to make sure that the current links are working.  Maybe we need a new committee to manage this – like a technology committee.   Next steps is figuring out what materials to keep, where to store them, and who is going to maintain the website going forward.  Need to look at moving away from WordPress and into something more people can maintain.
    • Beatrix Happy Hour (3/21)
      • Who will be there – Seven of the board members. So far 16 people have registered so far
      • Anything we still need to figure out – One more reminder to people
      • Ordering ahead of time (Carrie) – Going to order Package one, ordering individually at the bar, order food as needed, and give them a count of 20 people.
    • Discord Server -Need more people to sign up. Do a more targeted e-mail maybe suggesting a topic for people to discuss. We will also send out another registration link and announcement.  Maybe have someone other than Jessie be admin for the Discord server so that more than one person can send out the registration e-mail.  Should there be a CALL board channel so that we can use it as needed.   Is it possible to add different e-mails or profiles to Discord for people who have multiple Discord accounts.  Maybe create a QR code for the registration link to hand out at the Happy Hour.
    • CALL Bulletin Contribution Schedule – Do committees know when they are due to submit things? Please let your committees know when they are set to have materials turned into the bulletin.
  6. New Business
    • Archives – Large folder of old documents from Judith Wright – Lots of materials back to the 1970’s including old bulletins, etc. Going to give to Tom in May when he is back.
    • Schedule mini-AALL program in June – sample programs people may be teaching at AALL. Continuing Ed has this on their radar.  Todd can reach out to them and see what is up and where they are in the process.
    • CALL meetup in Boston – Something to explore. Might be nice, but people from here see each other regularly.  Something that usually happens more informally.  Is there a way to promote an event that would allow people who might want to move to Chicago to attend.  Mandy will reach out to AALL to see when it would need to be on the schedule. Is there something less formal?  Like a meeting chat board where we could post something closer to the time. Something like the Beatrix Happy Hour?
    • Media club Meeting – There was a question at Cradles to Crayons as to if it would happen again and when? Jill was managing it, but there was no formal mechanism,  Carri offered to take it on next year.  It is just a sub-section of meetings born from the pandemic.  Could be a way to leverage Discord.  Does Meetings have anyone on the committee who could manage.  We will check in and coordinate with Meetings who could handle.
  7. Committee Reports :
    • Archives: Todd – Nothing to report. Tom is on leave until May.
    • Bulletin: Sarah – Lindsey Carpino has resigned from the committee, but Stacia Stein has volunteered to replace her..
    • Bylaws Todd Nothing to report
    • Community Service: Carrie – Mandy covered Cradles – 8 people showed up 5 who were CALL members. Sorted clothes by size.  Next volunteer day is May 6th for a Chicago Parks District event.  May meeting charity is Books to Women in Prison.  Prefer money, but can donate books.  Have donated to them before.  Please review and let Carrie know if you have objections.
    • Continuing Education: Todd –Nothing to report. Mandy knows that May 10th is probably set for the state docket program.  April 12th for the Civil Rights attorney program.  Topic will be research related to the departments they service.
    • Corporate Memory: Sarah – Nothing to report
    • Diversity & Inclusion: Scott – Nothing to report
    • Government Relations Mandy–.Looking for options for Finding Illinois Law and how to make it visually appealing. Some members have concerns about AALL’s GRC.
    • Grants & Chapter Awards- Jamie – Got one inquiry about the AALL Annual meeting grant. Questions – is there a limit to the grant?  Do we want to set a limit?  No, have them present a budget as to why they think the need it and we can approve or not based on this.  Do they get a check or do they have to submit receipts?  Many people need the money in advance to pay for thing.  Scott will check with Todd Ito, but we think giving them a check in advance.  Move back the application closing date to April 15th.
    • Meetings: Jill –.Talking about rescheduling the May speaker. Still no set date for the May meeting.
    • Membership: Jill -Nothing to report
    • Mentorship: Mandy – The Revival meeting happened and was productive for one new member who was job hunting. A Zoom event will be held in April and they are working on a Bulleting article.
    • Nominations & Elections: Scott – Elections are ongoing.
    • Placement/Recruitment Carrie – Nothing to report
    • Public Relations: Jamie – Nothing to repot.
  8. Announcements –Just a heads up that Scott is being spoofed.
  9. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.