CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – November 2021

Conference Call
November 9, 2021 9:08 a.m.

Board Members Present: Jamie Sommer, Scott Vanderlin, Lindsey Carpino, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, and Carrie Port (Joined slightly late)

Board Members Absent: Tom Keefe

Guests: Julie Pabarja, Todd Ito, Sarah Walangitan, and Jessie LeMar called in for part of the meeting

Significant Actions:

  1. Call meeting to order – President Jamie Sommer called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m.
  2. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.
      • Approve Secretary’s minutes – The September meeting minutes were approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report (Submitted via e-mail due to absence and reported by Jamie Sommer)
      • Harris Balances as of November 1,2021: $20,854.50 in our CD and $17,569.85 in checking.
  4. Membership numbers: 217 active members.
  5. Old Business
      • No old business

New Business

September Committee Chair visits/call-ins

      1. 9:20 am Placement & Recruitment – Julie Pabarja & Todd Ito– Managing job posting board. Focusing on recruitment. Focusing on library schools. 6 initiatives:
          1. Reaching out to career service people at library schools in the Midwest and online programs to let them know when we have programs. Would that be a problem with Neon? Should not be a problem with Neon, but will double check that it does not create a new member and Jamie will check with CE to make sure speakers are ok or informed that library students will be joining
          2. Make a referral list – people who are willing to talk to students about their area of law librarianship. Internal list only to be used if people asked.
          3. Survey of CALL members as to if their library school has an alumni group and using those as channels for communication.
          4. Career Pages on website – going to update them a little. Maybe give a little information from salary survey – maybe get permission from AALL to put a range. Jamie will reach out to CALL to talk to them.
          5. Doing a similar to Day in a Life program, but focused at library schools.
          6. Ask about virtual career fairs – figuring out how we can participate in those more.
      1. 9:30 am Public Relations Sarah Walangitan –
          1. Exploring ways to share more with the wider legal community – such as media outlets, legal aid, legal departments. Still working on getting individual contacts in those groups and have not used the list yet – do not have events yet they think are appropriate for the larger group.  If the board has ideas as to what to share please reach out.
          2. Canva – wondering if the board is open to the idea. Want to use it for graphics.  Wondered if they should try some using their free accounts first and see how it works out.  Benefits they see to paid is more storage and ability to keep everything in one place.  What they are going to do is finish out the year using free accounts and if needed we can move to paid.
          3. Finding Illinois Law – Jessie Bowman has found PressBook and are wondering if that is a good format. Sent it to Sarah Reese to see if she is ok with the format.  Wondering about how discoverable the content will be in that format.  Benefits are it is a one time fee.  Not too expensive. Maybe look into places to advertise.
          4. Mandy filled in Sarah’s update eBook pro – $29.00 one time fee or eBook Pro which is a $99 fee for larger space. Jamie said either would be fine.
          5. Also since Placement asked we discussed maybe having a CALL Instagram account. Do we really have enough to post.  Could it be folded into our other social media platforms.  Verdict was probably could use the other platforms.  If not we can reach out to other members for assistance.
          6. Going to reach out to Leo to take over for Sarah as Chair when she is out on leave.
      2. 9:45 Nominations & Elections – Jessie LeMar –. Slate if final and they will be announced at the next meeting
            1. Jessie Bowman and Mandy Lee – President
            2. Emily Barney and Jill Meyers- Director
            3. Sarah McCoy and Todd Hillmer – Treasurer
      3. Remaining Committee Chair visits/call-ins schedule
        1. December: Gov Relations, Grants & Chapter Awards, Strategic Planning
        2. January: Archives, Bylaws, Corporate Memory

Committee Reports

  1. Archives – Tom – No updates
  2. Bulletin Sarah – Plan is to publish the November issue before the Business Meeting.
  3. Bylaws – Jamie – No updates
  4. Community Service – Carrie -Information is in the November business meeting invitation. They got left off the first invitation – Some disconnect, but it all worked out and there is a procedure in place. Just make sure that there is a plan to communicate in advance.
  5. Continuing Education – Tom– Sneaker Law event tomorrow.  Two more lined up Patent AI. Kate Stackared from K&L Gates to talk about media relations.  On track to have one a month.
  6. Corporate Memory – Sarah – No updates
  7. Government Relations – Mandy –. Updates included in public relations update above.
  8. Grants & Chapter Awards – Lindsey – No updates
  9. Meetings Scott – We have a meeting next week and they are promoting.
  10. Membership – Lindsey – Clare said they are sorting all the institutions and they are standardizing on names. Working with Neon to see if there is a drop down where people could choose their institution.  Will make a video on how to pull an institutional list.
  11. Mentorship Mandy – No updates
  12. Nominations & Elections – Jamie – Information provided by Jessie in her call in update
  13. Placement/Recruitment – Carrie – Information provided by Sarah in her call in update
  14. Public Relations – Scott – Information provided by Julie and Tod in their call in update.
  15. Strategic Planning – Carrie –.Want the board to take more of a role in the plan going forward. Sent a detailed report. Similar to prior reports.  Waiting for AALL to create some new policies so we can tag along as to what AALL are doing. Many parts of the plan are excluding things that were in there – such as becoming a CLE provider that the Board said was not feasible.  Board should review the plan and the Board will discuss the plan in December.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:04 a.m.