CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – December 2021

Conference Call
December 14, 2021 9:04 a.m.

Board Members Present: Jamie Sommer, Scott Vanderlin, Lindsey Carpino, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, and Tom Keefe

Board Members Absent: Carrie Port

Guests: Sarah Reis called in for part of the meeting

Significant Actions:

  1. Call meeting to order – President Jamie Sommer called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m.
  2. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.
    • Approve Secretary’s minutes – The November meeting minutes were approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Harris Balances as of November 1,2021: $20,854.50 in our CD and $17,188.22 in checking.
  4. Membership numbers: 219 active members.

Old Business

  1. Continuing Ed – Can Non-CALL members attend? Jamie followed up with Clare to find out if non-members can use NEON to sign up or will that mess up membership.  Answer is it is fine.  They can use NEON to register for an event without becoming a member.  So up to Continuing Ed as to how they want people to sign up and to let them know they can invite library students and other non-members.

New Business

September Committee Chair visits/call-ins

    1. 9:20 am Government Relations –Sarah Reis
        1. Sarah has chaired a committee before. Mandy had previously shared the report on their review of projects.  That was done to help the committee discover what they might want to do this year.  Big project is getting Illinois Law Online. Many other Chapters have not done much in the past couple of years. Many advocacy programs are down.  Will check with Council of Chapter Presidents to see if the training will happen at the national level.
        2. A project of interest was a UK based website – Legal Link – which links people up to how to answer questions. Want to reach out to more public librarians. Suggested reaching out to ILA about holding a training session or working more with them.
        3. Still trying to upload Illinois Law Online to the CALL site. Would like to be able to export the documents via WordPress to the website.  Still trying to get it freely available on the CALL website. Reaching out to Emily Barney again.
        4. Working with continuing ed to try to come up with an advocacy program for the members in the spring. Working on details.  Some frustration with getting speakers and ideas as a number of people are tied to AALL and might be limited to only doing events that AALL only members.  Lindsey said the Council of Chapter Presidents is also doing advocacy training in the spring and will pass along that information.
    2. 9:30 am Corporate Memory Theresa Arado –
        • Had a conflict and was unable to attend
    3. Remaining Committee Chair visits/call-ins schedule
        • January: Strategic Planning – Jean Wenger – Please make sure to review the strategic plan before the meeting and the questions Jean has before the meeting. We will start a discussion before the meeting via e-mail so we can discuss with Jean.
    4. CALL New Year/Holiday Card – Do we want to have one
        • Yes we do.  Asking PR to create the card for us via Canva or some other kind of clip art for an electronic only card.
    5. 75th Anniversary of CALL – 2022 – what do we want to do for the year? Asking Corporate Memory as to what we did for our 50th.
        1. Plan A is a big event in May at the Union League Club with a cake and photos
        2. Form an Ad Hoc to oversee the 75th party. Voted on and approved the foundation of the committee.  Jamie will reach out to the membership to see who might want to attend.
        3. Ad in the Law Bulletin or banners around town.

Committee Reports

  1. Archives – Tom – No updates
  2. Bulletin – Sarah – Update from Matt: We will be modifying the publication schedule for the Bulletin to align with the Business Meeting, so the next two issues will be published on the Monday before the Thursday meetings (on February 7and May 9) rather than the posted schedule of February 1 and May 1.
  3. Bylaws – Jamie – No updates
  4. Community Service –.Carrie via Jamie –
    1. Day of Service was a success. 5 people came.  Some photos and the food drive has raised $152 so far. Will do an article.  Food drive open until the end of the year.
    2. Looking ahead:  Maybe a day of service in Feb or March? Looking if there is anything else on the books yet.
  5. Continuing Education Tom– Moving along with their events.  Have one on the books for Jan 12th on Media and Information Literacy.
  6. Corporate Memory – Report from Jamie – Hoping to have meeting in January and wondered if we had any thoughts as to what they could work on.
  7. Government Relations – Mandy –Update from Sarah in meeting
  8. Grants & Chapter Awards – Lindsey – No updates No one has applied for anything.
  9. Meetings – Scott – Request for clarification from Phillip and Matt – as to if the secretary is supposed to be doing a full re-cap of the business meeting. Clarify the handbook to state this is the role. Wondered when movie night was going to be. No information.
  10. Membership – Lindsey – No updates
  11. Mentorship – Mandy –
    1.  New member breakfast in February;
    2. Mentorship program – wide range of roles – during the new member breakfast they will have cohort networking breakout rooms via various roles.  So hopefully the group networking will go better. Suggest to expand the invite list to anyone who has joined within the past two years
    3. Mentorship page on website will be updated.  Links to oral histories on YouTube will be added
    4. Program planned for April 2022 5) Members of the committee will be publishing articles in the Bulletin.
  12. Nominations & Elections – Jamie – Election will open on Feb 15th and run through March 15th.
  13. Placement/Recruitment – Carrie – No updates
  14. Public Relations – Scott –No updates
  15. Strategic Planning – Carrie –No updates. Visiting in January.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.