5 CALL members volunteering at Greater Chicago Food Depostiroy

CALL Volunteers Help GCFD to Wrap up 2021

The Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) is Chicago’s food bank and partners with over 700 local agencies and food assistance programs, including pantries, soup kitchens and shelters for children, older adults and veterans to fight hunger.

They rely on volunteers to repackage bulk amounts of food into smaller, shareable quantities that can be distributed throughout the Chicagoland area and Cook County.

On December 4, 2021, five (5) CALL members volunteered at the GCFD to do just that. According to GCFD, their work from that afternoon repack session helped prepare:

  • 6,515 pounds of apples
  • 9,690 pounds of oranges
  • 5,712 pounds of rice
  • 8,264 meals (254 meals per volunteer!)

In addition to the impact from the repacking session, CALL raised $452 via the virtual food drive. That computes to an extra 1,356 meals donated. Our goal was to donate 900 meals ($1 = 3 meals) through the virtual food drive, and we did it! The total amount of meals provided by CALL equals 19,620 for this event!

While we are not able to track the amount of any monetary donations that were made directly to the GCFD through their website, the Community Service Committee would like to acknowledge the consistent generosity we see from our members.

Thank you to all who donated your time and/or money to fight hunger in our communities. Despite a difficult year, we ended 2021 on a positive note.