CALL Community Service Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

Co-Chairs: Patricia Scott & Jamie Sommer

Members: Anne Danberg, Claire Toomey Durkin, Valerie Kropf, Nan Norton, Jamie Stewart

Board Liaison: Scott Vanderlin

Our Committee met virtually, via email, throughout the year to suggest, investigate, and choose Chicago-based organizations to highlight and collect donations for at our business meetings.  Different Committee members (noted below) took lead responsibility for organizing each meeting’s collections.  The following items and money were collected for the listed organizations at the CALL business meetings:

 September 2018: SitStayRead

(Patricia Scott; Jamie Sommer)

Monetary Donations: $241.35

In Kind Donations: CALL members purchased books directly from SitStayRead’s Amazon Wishlist.

 November 2018: A Safe Haven

(Nan Norton)

Monetary Donations: $327.82

In Kind Donations: Several bags of linens.

 February 2019: Chicago Coalition for the Homeless; Greater Chicago Food Depository

(Claire Toomey Durkin; Valerie Kropf)

Monetary Donations (for Chicago Coalition for the Homeless): $249.00

Online Food Drive Donations (for Greater Chicago Food Depository): $54.50

In Kind Donations (for Greater Chicago Food Depository): 4 bags of non-perishable groceries

 May 2019; Anti-Cruelty Society

(Anne Danberg; Jamie Stewart)

Monetary Donations: $151.80

In Kind Donations: Grooming brushes, chew toys, cat food and catnip were collected at the meeting and several additional boxes of items were bought from the Anti-Cruelty Society’s Amazon Wish List by CALL members and sent directly to the Society.

In total, the Community Service Committee’s efforts collected $1024.47 in monetary donations and many boxes of goods from generous CALL members at our late 2018 and early 2019 business meetings.

Also, on March 9, 2019, ten CALL members volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD).  We joined groups of volunteers from a number of other Chicago organizations to pack fresh pears for distribution to the GCFD’s network of food banks.

Thank you to all CALL members for generously supporting the Community Service Committee’s efforts!