CALL Government Relations Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

The 2018-2019 Government Relations Committee was Carolyn Hersch and Sarah Sherman (co-chairs) and Sally Holterhoff the Board Liaison was Joe Mitzenmacher.

Committee Charge

Government Relations Committee keeps apprised of library-related government activity and provides information to the CALL community. In particular, stays informed of the work of the AALL Government Relations Committee and the Washington Affairs Office.

Committee Goals

Contact the Reporter of Decisions for the Illinois Supreme Court to discuss UELMA implementation for court opinions. Publish an article in the CALL Bulletin to update members on progress and future projects.

Work with the Continuing Education Committee to conduct one event related to Government Relations.

Committee Accomplishments

The Government Relations Committee met twice this year via conference call.

CALL was represented at the Illinois Library Association’s Legislative Meet-Up in February 2019. A write-up of the event was featured in the CALL Bulletin.

  • Cost for one member’s attendance: $45

Promoted AALL’s Online Advocacy Training (12/4/18) via the listserv and an announcement at the Business Meeting.

Promoted AALL’s Day on the Hill (7/12/19) and Virtual Lobby Day via the listserv and the CALL Bulletin.

Committee members spoke to Jacob Jost, Reporter of Decisions for the Illinois Supreme Court, to get an update on UELMA and future projects related to its implementation in Illinois. Updates to CALL are forthcoming