CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – December 2017

Complete, up-to-date CALL Board meeting minutes are available on the CALL website.

AALL Headquarters, 105 W. Adams St., Suite 2190

  • December 12, 2017

Board Members Present:

  • Clare Gaynor Willis
  • Todd Ito
  • Joe Mitzenmacher
  • Scott Vanderlin
  • Lindsey Carpino
  • Annie Mentkowski

Board Members Absent: Tom Gaylord

Treasurer’s Report (Section IV):

  1. Harris Bank Balance as of November 30, 2017: $25, 934.06
  2. Net Income as of November 30, 2017: -$1,499.00
  3. Membership numbers as of December 7, 2017: 299

Significant Action:

Adding to the President’s charge: The President may, at her discretion and with the advice of the Board, convene quarterly conference calls to replace a monthly in-person meeting.

Policy: The business meeting registration form will include checkboxes where registrants can opt into having their contact information shared with the vendor who sponsored that business meeting and the speaker from that business meeting. At the meeting sponsor’s or speaker’s request, the Meetings Committee will provide the vendor or speaker with the resulting list of attendees at no charge.