New Member Profile: Anne Danberg

New CALL member Anne Danberg was gracious enough to answer some questions for this profile. Please enjoy!

CALL Bulletin: Where did you grow up, and where else have you lived before coming to Chicago? Do you have a favorite among those places?

Anne Danberg: I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. I went to college in Philadelphia and lived in NYC before coming back to the Midwest and to Chicago. I’ve always liked Chicago, in part because it has everything I like about a big city but with a Midwest feel to it.

CB: What led you to become a law librarian?

AD: I had an arts/creative background, and this led me to become interested in intellectual property law. My first job in high school was in a law library, and it played a big part in my decision to go to library school.

CB: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

AD: Cooking, running, and writing poetry. Also a big baseball fan.

CB: Where’s your favorite place to travel? Where have you not visited that you want to visit the most?

AD: My sister used to live in Palm Springs, and getting some California sunshine during the winter is still one of my favorite things. I’ve always wanted to visit Buenos Aires, and South America in general.

CB: What do you like most about living in Chicago?

AD: The summer!

CB: Physical books or ebooks?

AD: Physical books, but I like ebooks as well (particularly while traveling or commuting).

CB: What is one more thing we should know about you that I haven’t asked?

AD: I was a deejay at my college’s radio station and had my own weekly show. One of my favorite things to do in the city is to see live music.