CALL Interviews from the AALL Exhibit Hall

As part of our ongoing coverage of the AALL Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, CALL members have been conducting brief interviews with each other and with non-CALL members to get a sense of how the conference is going and what some of the best programs have been so far.  Here are some of the responses we have received.

Trez Drake

Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Librarian
Northwestern Law School Pritzker Legal Research Center

Trez Drake

What is the best program or event that you have attended at this year’s conference?

Hackathon.  I don’t code, but it was nice to be in a room and brainstorm with people about an interface that will be helpful to the law library community.  It was great to learn how the processes of coding and development work.”

What is your favorite thing about the AALL Annual Meeting?

“Catching up with old friends to see where they are and what they’re doing.  As an FCIL librarian, finding out about new technologies and resources that can help me provide better service to patrons.  Finally, I love meeting new people.”

Anne Myers

Librarian for Acquisitons and Continuing Resources
Yale Law School Goldman Law Library
Anne Myers

What is your favorite thing about the AALL Annual Meeting?

“Networking.  I love the chance to see my colleagues.  When I first started coming to the annual conference, we spent most of our time catching up with friends because it was the only chance we got to see them all year.  Now, with Facebook and other social media sites, I can keep in touch with my friends and colleagues on a much more regular basis, so the annual meeting can be much more about meeting new people.”

What is the best program or event you have attended so far?

“The program on succession planning in law libraries.  Since I am retiring in October of this year, this is a topic that is particularly important to me.  It is important that we develop strategies for passing our learned experience on to the next generation of law librarians.”

JoAnn Hounshell

Associate Director of the Law Library
IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

What is your favorite thing about visiting Philadelphia?

“The Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

What has been your favorite program or event at this year’s conference?

“Anything that a CALL member has participated in.”

Corrine Vogel

Research LibrarianCorrine Vogel
Baker Botts L.L.P.   Dallas, TX

What is your favorite thing about the AALL Annual Meeting?

“Seeing all of my friends and colleagues from over the years.”

What is your favorite program or event that you’ve attended at this year’s conference?

“I really enjoyed this morning’s ‘coffee talks’ session.  We discussed how to prepare summer associates for the firm environment while they are still in law school.”