Kara Young at Cool Tools 2015

CALL at Cool Tools

Kara Young coordinated a terrific Cool Tools deep dive presentation on Monday, featuring 2 hours of useful tools and software.  Quite a few CALL members stepped in to help out.  Check it out!  

Emily Barney: Surface Pro 3: Interactivity of a tablet, Productivity of a laptop

Emily Barney demonstrates a Surface Pro at Cool Tools 2015Tablets are built to be portable and intuitive to work with, but operate with a limited universe of apps and web access. Laptops allow a wider range of productive and creative activities when you can work with files directly, install a range of software and easily connect to other devices. Microsoft’s Surface line allows both.

Emily demonstrated how she uses her Surface for everything from notes and social media at the conference to image editing and coding on the go. She also showed some of the touch and stylus tips that make Windows 8 shine.

Debbie Ginsberg: Asana to the Rescue!  Online task and project management

Need help keeping track of projects and tasks?  Are your team members tired of huntinDebbie Ginsberg demonstrates Asana at Cool Tools 2015.g through their emails for project details and updates?  Consider giving Asana a try!  Asana is an online project and task management tool that makes it easy to track projects and tasks from your desktop or mobile device.  Handout  is here.

Jesse Bowman: Nearpod

Nearpod is a free platforms for creating interactive mobile presentations, with subscription options offering advanced features.The platform allows you to create interactive presentations, control students’ activity in real time, and incorporate slides, questions, polls, audio, and video. It is also platform-agnostic, so as long as students have some sort of technology with them, whether it’s a laptop with a web browser, a Chromebook, or a tablet, they can participate.  Nearpod Handout.

Maribel Nash: Canva

No time to become an expert in graphic design? No problem! CanvMaribel Nash demonstrates Canva at Cool Tools 2015a takes the guess work out of creating beautiful signs, slides, images, and more. A standard set of templates and plenty of free options simplify the task of creating content that can be reused in a variety of print and digital formats. Canva Handout.

Tom Gaylord: Trello

Trello is a flexible, easy-tTom Gaylord demonstrates Trello  at Cool Tools 2015.o-use cloud-based application that can help get you (or a team) organized. Trello Handout.
Pictures from Marie Kaddell, @libraryfocus, used with permission.