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AALL Management Institute 2015

The AALL Management Institute will take place on March 26-28, 2015 at the Hotel Palomar located at 505 North State Street in Chicago. The registration fee is $575 and the deadline to register is February 2, 2015. You can reserve your room at the Hotel Palomar until March 4, 2015. The Management Institute will be facilitated by Maureen Sullivan, who has been a past President of ALA and is an organizational development consultant.

This conference will offer current and future managers the chance to build their managerial skill and collaborate with others in their shoes. The topics for this year’s Management Institute include: Tools for Effective Communication, Engaging Staff, Conflict Resolution, Library’s Role, Transformation Libraries through Change, Improving Effectiveness and more.

If you would like to attend this year’s Management Institute, be sure to register soon, since the registration is limited to the first 50 participants. You can learn more about the Management Institute and register here:

From the Editors

Lyonette Louis-Jacques

This Winter 2015 CALL Bulletin issue is the second issue in the new blog format. In this issue, we tell you about the 2015-16 candidates for CALL offices. The issue is also bursting with interesting feature articles, regular, and new columns.  We have contributions from all the members of the CALL Bulletin Committee as well as other CALL-eagues.

First up, we congratulate candidates for election for the 2015-2016 CALL term: Eugene Giudice, Todd Ito, Diana Koppang, Konya Lafferty, Joe Mitzenmacher, and Kara Young! Thanks for stepping up to the plate for CALL! Continue reading From the Editors

President’s Letter

This is the President’s letter for the Winter 2015 issue of the CALL Bulletin, and this year that appellation is surprisingly and painfully appropriate.  Winter has indeed come early.  But then so have changes and opportunities brought to our membership by the hard work of CALL members and committees.

The CALL Bulletin’s hard work on changing platforms resulted in a great Fall issue!   Continue reading President’s Letter