CALL Grants and Awards Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

Committee members:  Clare Willis (chair), Sarah Andeen, Shari Duff, Debbie Ginsberg, Philip Johnson, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Patricia Scott, and Beth Schubert.

The Committee had a very successful year.  We met once in person at the beginning of the year to discuss how we would monitor opportunities for continuing education opportunities and how we would publicize them to members.  This grew out of last year’s effort to let CALL members know about more continuing education opportunities beyond AALL.

Collaboration Opportunities

There were two issues with this task:  First, our effort was duplicated by another effort by the Mentorship and Leadership Development Committee.  Next year, it would be good to coordinate more.

One possible collaboration would be to have Mentorship and Leadership Development could monitor opportunities, share them with CALL members, then Grants and Awards could remind members that grants are available for those opportunities.

Grant Application Concerns

The second issue with our effort to publicize opportunities outside of AALL was that no one applied for a grant for anything other than AALL (with the exception of one CALI application).  We did not have any applications until the March deadline.

We extended the application deadline for one week past the stated deadline to get more applications.  This was a good strategy and I would recommend it for next year’s committee.

Grantees in 2018-2019

Ultimately, the committee gave grants to:

  • Tom Keefe (Loyola) to attend CALI
  • Tom Gaylord (Northwestern) to attend AALL
  • Diana Koppang (Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg) to attend AALL, the PLLIP Summit, and the Executive Leadership Institute
  • Anne Hudson (DePaul) to attend AALL
  • Sarah Sherman (Supreme Court of Illinois) to attend AALL and CONELL
  • Leslie Strauss (DuPage County Law Library) to attend AALL and CONELL.

Award Winners in 2018-2019

We had nominees for every award.  The winner of this year’s award for outstanding in-house publication is the Chapman and Cutler Research Services team.  The award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Law Librarianship went to Keith Ann Stiverson and Margaret Schilt.  The Agnes and Harvey Reid Award for Outstanding Contribution to Law Librarianship went to Julie Pabarja.