CALL Archives Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

The 2018-2019 CALL Archives Committee was comprised of Committee co-chairs Matt Timko and Brittany Adams, as well as Committee members Anne Danberg, Pat Sayre-McCoy, and Clanitra Stewart Nejdl. Board Member Annie Mentkowski served as liaison.

The main effort and accomplishment of the Committee for this year was relocating the Archives from Northern Illinois University, which is more than 60 miles away from CALL/ABA Headquarters, to a more centralized location in the city.

With the help of President Joe Mitzenmacher, of Loyola University Chicago’s School of Law Library, and Patricia Scott, Director of the LUC Law Library, CALL received permission to relocate the archives there. This task was accomplished the same day as the September 2018 CALL Business Meeting, with special thanks to Clanitra Stewart, Scott Vanderlin, and Matt Timko.

While this move was the major accomplishment of the Committee this year, there are two other considerations worth mentioning. First, we examined the Committee’s charge and retention plan to see if any updates were necessary. We made our suggestions in September 2019, although the Board decided to postpone making changes. Second, Matt Timko and Brittany Adams considered digitization workflows, but this task has been pushed to the following year’s Committee.