CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – February 2018

Complete, up-to-date CALL Board meeting minutes are available on the CALL website.

Via Conference Call

  • February 13, 2018

Board Members Present: Todd Ito, Joe Mitzenmacher, Tom Gaylord, Lindsey Carpino, Scott Vanderlin, and Annie Mentkowski

Board Members Absent: Clare Willis

Guests: Government Relations co-chair Carolyn Hersch and Bulletin co-chairs Emily Barney, Juanita Harrell, and Philip Johnson

Treasurer’s Report (Section IV):

  1. Harris Bank Balance as of January 31, 2018: $22,534.90
  2. Net Income Numbers as of January 31, 2018: -$2,058.83
  3. Membership Numbers as of February 12, 2018: 300 (1 new member)

Significant Actions: None