CALL Bulletin Committee Annual Report

The 2016-17 Bulletin Committee consisted of co-editors Juanita Harrell, Philip Johnson, and Scott Vanderlin and committee members Emily Barney, Susan Berg, Tami Carson, Debbie Ginsberg, Annie Mentkowski, Stacia Stein, and Clanitra Stewart Nejdl. Our board liaison was Lindsey Carpino. After our November Business Meeting, Susan and Tami volunteered to join the committee in order to help with editing work.

The committee published four issues this year. Our summer issue contained most of the CALL committee annual reports and a number of reports from various meetings and conferences. The fall issue largely focused on the AALL Annual Meeting that was held in Chicago last July. The winter issue was relatively light but featured a fascinating piece on the parallel history of law libraries and the Chicago Cubs by Professor Frank Houdek. Finally, the recently released spring issue commemorated CALL’s 70th Anniversary.

Another major project wrapped up this year: spearheaded by Annie Mentkowski, the CALL Bulletin is now digitized and hosted on HeinOnline. Unfortunately, copies volumes 1-8 and 10 have yet to be found after a diligent search. (Please send those along if you happen to find copies of them!)

Since Scott will be joining the Executive Board as Director, we’re glad that Emily Barney will be stepping into the role of co-editor this year. We look forward to working with Emily to streamline some of our processes and take better advantage of WordPress’s capabilities in the coming year.