December 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call
December 13, 2022 9:06 a.m.

Board Members Present: Scott Vanderlin, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, Jill Meyer, Carrie Port,
and Todd Hillmer

Board Members Absent: Jamie Sommers

Guests: None

Significant Actions:

I. Call meeting to order – President Scott Vanderlin called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.

II. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.

III. Approve Secretary’s minutes – The November meeting minutes were approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a. Harris Balances as of December 1,2022: $20,864.93 in our CD and $20,788.80 in checking.
b. Membership numbers: 210 current total members.

V. Old Business

a. Website Issues: Scott reached out to Emily Barney who is the main contact for the website. During an update some of the links got broken. Emily will work on fixing this. Does not look like any substantive damage was done. Just needs to be re-linked.
b. Discord Server: Jessie Bowman set up the server, but need to put two factor authentication and send out invitation links to the board to get things started and evaluate. Then we need to develop a method for rolling it out and having the board seed some of the channels with some discussion topics. One idea was a continuing ed program on how to use Discord and its value.
c. Business Meeting – Meeting was successful. Speaker was excellent. People seemed engaged. Kudos to all involved in coordinating.

VI. New Business

a. Recap/Debrief of the CALL Committee Summit
i. In General: Overall the program went well. People seemed engaged. Most committees had someone there. Video of the event is on Google Drives. Will consider posting for broader access.
1. Maybe hold this bi-annually.
ii. Archives
1. Flash drive/external hard drive? Tom Keefe thinks there is one. We need to find it and is a physical device the best? Should we move this to the cloud. Less to lose. Maybe make this a charge for Archives. Should we be looking for materials from the past 5 years. Is this a hard drive or a flash drive or both? We will start searching for both/either. Should probably start moving more to the Cloud. Next steps would be a larger discussion on how to get committees to inventory what they have and figure out an online repository. Be it Google or something else. Todd will talk to Tom Keefe and discuss next steps.
2. Is this something that makes sense moving forward?
iii. Bulletin
1. Need for a 3-year, rolling rotation for Bulletin co-editors (and more members in general)
2. Idea for each Committee to put one article in the Bulletin each year. Any ways to generate more content. Maybe do a section on life events. People getting married, or babies, or general personal events if people would be willing. Could be something to help generate readers and could be the job of someone on the committee to compile this kind of information.
3. Idea: editors are largely responsible for actually putting together each issue, and committee members can be in charge of soliciting/following up on articles from other committees
iv. Community Service
1. Ideas for encouraging members to attend service days and other events Actually publish these events on the website. More board members should try to attend. Mandy will talk to Emily as to how the website calendar gets populated.
v. Continuing Ed
1. Mini-AALL as an early Summer event – Good idea.
vi. Diversity and Inclusion
1. Section of the website dedicated to DEI – Tabled for now. Seems like a good idea. They will come to us with a proposal of what that would look like.
vii. Meetings
1. Most popular in-person day are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Could we re-think what day we hold them. Fine for those committees to consider. Committees have flexibility, but once a speaker is set then the date is set.
viii. PR
1. How to roll out the Discord server – Maybe do a YouTube video on it and also have a follow up to the February meeting where people hang out and see how to use Discord. Also having the Continuing Ed meeting on how/why to use Discord.

VII. Committee Reports :
a. Archives: Todd – Nothing to report
b. Bulletin: Sarah – Nothing to report
c. Bylaws Todd Nothing to report
d. Community Service: Carrie – Picked a new Charity for Feb. Open Books. Want to do a March volunteer day called Cradles to Crayons. Any good or bad dates from the board members please send.
e. Continuing Education: Todd –.There is a session tomorrow.
f. Corporate Memory: Sarah – Nothing to report
g. Diversity & Inclusion: Scott – Nothing to report
h. Government Relations Mandy–.Nothing to report
i. Grants & Chapter Awards- Jamie – Nothing to report
j. Meetings: Jill – Where are the minutes going – to Bulletin.
k. Membership: Jill -Nothing to report
l. Mentorship: Mandy – Nothing to report
m. Nominations & Elections: Scott – Nothing to report
n. Placement/Recruitment Carrie – Nothing to report
o. Public Relations: Jamie –Nothing to report
VIII. Announcements –No announcements.
IX. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:13 a.m.