CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – September 2022

Conference Call: September 13, 2022 9:04 a.m.

Board Members Present:

Scott Vanderlin, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, Jill Meyer, Jamie Sommers, Carrie Port,
and Todd Hillmer

Board Members Absent: None

Guests: None

Significant Actions:

I. Call meeting to order

President Scott Vanderlin called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.

II. Approve agenda

The agenda was approved.

III. Approve Secretary’s minutes

The August meeting minutes were approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Harris Balances as of September 1,2022: $20,863.19 in our CD and $19,847.71 in checking.
  2. Membership numbers: 197 current total members.
  3.  Annual budget meeting to be scheduled

V. Old Business

  1. Leadership training (Late September/Early October) – planned to get everyone in the room and talk about issues and the upcoming year. Needs to be scheduled virtually. Looking at early October.
  2. September Business Meeting – Business meeting with speaker to be virtual due to ongoing COVID concerns. Thought to try to do online speaker at lunch and soon thereafter hold an in person happy hour – bill as two parts, but meetings had an issue to find a location for the happy hour. This meeting will be online only. Speaker will have some of his books to raffle off. Hope to find locations/times for in person meetings as well as the online events. One idea including having CALL members meet on a standing night at a bar trivia night. Just a casual way for people to get together.
  3. 75th Anniversary Swag
    1.  Tote Bags These never got ordered. These bags had been approved but due to logistical issues these were never ordered.
    2. Language/design – what is the design to be for on the bag. Do not have a specific logo for the 75th. Going to use regular logo and then state it is the 75th just in writing.
    3. Distribution ideas – just state now that we are going to do November in person for the bags. Will allow for people to cancel and also to extend registration deadline.

VI. New Business

  1. Diversity & Inclusion Committee Meeting
    1. Update on initial committee meeting – difficult to get the committee up and running and to clarify their goals. Committee chairs are motivated to getting things going. Had a couple of meetings so far. They do have a lot of questions for the board; what are the deliverables – new committee and for the first year it would be good to evaluate the landscape in CALL and set an agenda for moving forward. Establish a better idea of how this committee will serve CALL.
    2. Budget for Committee? Nothing set – can have one, but give us a proposal on how the committee would spend the money. There should be a budget – some committees do have them, but they should let us know why they need money and we can discuss in context – like they want to hold an event – they can come ask. Probably approve, but seems more reasonable on an ad hoc basis.
    3. Possible discussion forum? Have DEI collaborate with meetings and continuing ed to brainstorm a list of speakers. This would also give meetings extra ideas. Start the conversations earlier in the year. Julie wondered if there is another forum for discussion topics where members could have place to talk about these topics. Something online. Could NEON do it or WordPress. Probably the best service would be Discord. PR Committee is the best committee to handle this. Jamie will raise this with and hopefully get it up and running before the leadership training.
    4. Handbook proposal: Maybe put something in the handbook for the committee charges that at least one meeting a year should be DEI focused – also have them work with the media committee on their selections.

VII. Committee Reports

  1. Archives: Todd Nothing to report
  2. Bulletin: Sarah – Nothing to report
  3. Bylaws Todd Nothing to report
  4. Community Service: Carrie – Still not communicating well with meetings. Need to get the charity up and running earlier – do not need to wait for the speaker. Need to figure out a way to streamline this process. Just give them a firm deadline.
  5. Continuing Education: Todd Joe has set up a kickoff meeting to discuss the year.
  6. Corporate Memory: Sarah – Nothing to report
  7. Diversity & Inclusion: Scott – Already covered earlier
  8. Government Relations Mandy Nothing to report
  9. Grants & Chapter Awards Jamie Nothing to report but a request for a budget.
  10. Meetings: Jill – Trivia nights were covered, should the media committee be a subcommittee for meetings as it is a lot of work. Want a survey for membership as to in person but we did one earlier and it provided no additional information. Will make it an agenda point to discuss the breakdown of social versus business events.
  11. Membership: Jill Nothing to report
  12. Mentorship: Mandy First meeting to be scheduled soon.
  13. Nominations & Elections: Scott Nothing to report
  14. Placement/Recruitment Carrie Nothing to report
  15. Public Relations: Jamie Nothing to report

VIII. Announcements

No announcements

IX. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

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