CALL Bulletin Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

The CALL Bulletin has published 3 of the four 2018-2019 issues up to the writing of this report (Issues 249-251) with the Summer issue (252) to be published in September 2019.  The committee for the most of the year included Emily Barney (co-editor), Clanitra Stewart Nejdl (co-editor), Matt Timko (co-editor), Emily Byrne, Annie Danberg, Debbie Ginsberg, Philip Johnson, and Sarah Reis.  On May 2, 2019 Clanitra Stewart Nejdl took a position at Vanderbilt University, leaving the third co-editor position vacant for the remainder of 2018-2019.

While Issues 249 and 250 included myriad articles on several different subjects, Issue 251 was entirely devoted to legal technology with a sub-focus on the ABA Techshow.  Co-Editor Emily Barney was able to procure press credentials for the show and reported back extensively on the various sessions.  For issue 252, the focus will be on reviewing the 2019 AALL Annual Meeting, Grant Recipient reports, and publishing the 2018-2019 committee reports.

Beyond the publishing of the issues, the committee moved forward in organizing the Bulletin website, the CALL Bulletin page, and roles of the committee members in the Bulletin publication.  During the year, almost every member of the committee contributed one article, and this will be something that we hope to continue into 2019-2020.  The co-editors formed a Google Doc to better organize the breakup of editing tasks, as well as sort out the metadata requirements before publishing in WordPress.  Emily Barney better organized the older issues on the Bulletin website, as well as archived the Table of Contents pages from past issues, which had been replaced and overwritten with each new issue.  Finally, the committee began the process to update and fill out with more detail the Bulletin handbook, including a publishing checklist.  Completing this update will be one of the priorities for the committee entering into the 2019-2020 term.

To access the 2018-2019 issues, please visit the Bulletin website or view the pdf versions through the CALL Website.