CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – March 2019

Board Member’s Present: Joe Mitzenmacher, Jessie LeMar, Clare Willis, Scott Vanderlin, Jesse Bowman, Julie Swanson, and Annie Mentkowski

Board Member’s Absent: None

Significant Actions:

The Board will not be renewing the Survey Monkey account. It will explore other polling tool options.

Policy Change:

Committees hosting events will no longer be required to charge attendees. Committee chairs will be permitted to charge a payment at their discretion with an eye towards the committee’s budget.

 Treasurer’s Report (Section IV):

  • Harris Bank Balance as of March 4, 2019: $14,527.14
  • Net Income as of March 4, 2019: $1460.86
  • Membership numbers as of March 4, 2019: 242