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Lindsey Ann Carpino
Lindsey Ann Carpino

As a co-editor of the CALL Bulletin, I often get e-mails from the Council of Newsletter Editors (CONE) regarding AALL chapter newsletters that have recently become published. After reading the newsletters of other chapters, I began wondering if there was a list of all the chapter publications. I could not find one, so I decided to create one. I wanted to easily share with everyone the great content that our fellow chapters and AALL Special Interest Sections (SISes) are putting out for us to enjoy and learn from. It is really inspiring to share in such a wonderful and thought-provoking community! When you have some time, check out the newsletters and blogs of our peers. Enjoy!


AALL Chapter Chapter Newsletter  Blog
Arizona Association of Law Libraries (AZALL) AzALL Member Blog
Association of Law Libraries of Upstate New York (ALLUNY) The ALLUNY Newsletter
Atlanta Law Libraries Association (ALLA) ALLA News
Chicago Association of Law Libraries (CALL) CALL Bulletin
Colorado Association of Law Libraries (CoALL) CoALL Scuttle  (Archived: last issue Winter 2014)
Dallas Association of Law Librarians (DALL) Lex Scripta
Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association (GPLLA) GPLLA News
Houston Area Law Librarians (HALL) HALL Quarterly
Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin, Inc. (LLAW) LLAW Briefs
Law Librarians of New England (LLNE) LLNE News
Law Librarians of Puget Sound (LLOPS) LLOPS Cited
Law Librarians Society of Washington, D.C., Inc. (LLSDC) Law Library Lights
Law Libraries Association of Alabama (LLAA) LLAA Blog
Law Library Association of Greater New York (LLAGNY) Law Lines
Law Library Association of Maryland (LLAM) LLAM Newsletter  (Archived: last issue Winter 2014)
Michigan Association of Law Libraries (MichALL) MichALL Newsletter
Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) MAALL Markings
Minnesota Association of Law Libraries (MALL) MALL News Blog
New Jersey Law Librarians Association (NJLLA) NJLLA Blog
New Orleans Association of Law Librarians (NOALL) NOALL Latest News
Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL) NOCALL News
Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries (ORALL) ORALL Newsletter
San Diego Area Law Libraries (SANDALL) SANDALL Newsletter
South Florida Association of Law Libraries (SFALL) SFALL Newsletter  (Archived: last issue Summer 2010)
Southeastern Chapter of the Amer. Assn. of Law Libraries (SEAALL) SEAALL Newsletter
Southern California Association of Law Libraries (SCALL) SCALL Newsletter
Southern New England Law Librarians Association (SNELLA) Obiter Dicta
Southwestern Association of Law Libraries (SWALL) SWALL Bulletin
Virginia Association of Law Libraries (VALL) VALL Newsletter  (Archived: last issue Fall 2008)  VALL Talk
Western Pacific Chpr. of the Amer. Assn of Law Libraries (WestPac) WestPac News
Western Pennsylvania Law Library Association (WPLLA) WPLLA Newsletter
AALL-SIS SIS Newsletter Blog
Academic Law Libraries SIS (ALL-SIS) ALL-SIS Newsletter
Computing Services SIS (CS-SIS) CS-SIS Newsletter
Digitization and Educational Technology SIS (DET-SIS)
Foreign, Comparative & International Law SIS (FCIL-SIS) FCIL-SIS Newsletter  DipLawMatic Dialogues Blog
Government Documents SIS (GD-SIS) JURISDOCS
Government Law Libraries SIS (GLL-SIS) GLL-SIS Newsletter
Legal History & Rare Books SIS (LHRB-SIS) LH&RB Newsletter
Legal Information Services to the Public SIS (LISP-SIS) LISP-SIS Newsletter
Online Bibliographic Services SIS (OBS-SIS) TSLL Newsletter TSLL TechScans Blog
Private Law Librarians & Information Professionals SIS (PLLIP-SIS) PLLIP E-Newsletter On Firmer Ground
Professional Engagement, Growth, and Advancement SIS (PEGA-SIS)
Research Instruction & Patron Services SIS (RIPS-SIS) RIPS Law Librarian Blog
Social Responsibilities SIS (SR-SIS) SR-SIS Newsletter
Technical Services SIS (TS-SIS) TSLL Newsletter TSLL TechScans Blog

*Archived: this notes that this newsletter has not been updated since 2014.

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