CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – November 2015


Complete, up-to-date CALL Board meeting minutes are available on the CALL website.

  • AALL Headquarters, 105 W. Adams St., Suite 3300 (enter on Clark St.)
  • November 10, 2015 8:45 a.m.

Board Members Present

  • Julie Pabarja
  • Todd Ito
  • Stephanie Crawford
  • Robert Martin
  • Margaret Schilt
  • Diana Koppang
  • Konya Lafferty Moss

Board Members Absent

  • None


  • Therese Arado and Annie Mentkowski (via phone) (Archives and Membership Committees Co-Chairs)
  • Betty Roeske (Corporate Memory Committee Chair)
  • Joe Mitzenmacher (via phone) (Government Relations Committee Co-Chair)

Treasurer’s Report (Section IV)

  1. Harris Bank Balance as of October 31, 2015: $32,551.83
  2. Net Income as of October 31, 2015: ($4,007.00)
  3. Membership Numbers as of October 31, 2015: 247 members (2 new members; 12 renewals)

Significant Actions

Policy Changes:

From Policy Log (page 11):

Finance. Returned Checks 2015-11: Members will cover any NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees on returned checks.

From Policy Log (page 20):

Nominations and Elections. Elections 2015-11: CALL will follow AALL’s Conduct of Election Policy (revised in April 2014) regarding campaigning by Board candidates: (Policy Line 1) “Candidates may not campaign for elected office nor engage in activities specifically designed to persuade members to vote for them. Activities not permitted include: distributing promotional items and using social media to directly promote their candidacy.”