CALL Membership Survey Results

The CALL Board would like to share the findings of the membership survey that went out this summer. If there are any questions or comments about it, please forward them to Julie Pabarja, CALL President 2015-2016.

Executive Summary

A survey was sent out to the CALL membership on June 16, 2015, and stayed open until June 30, 2015. The survey was seeking feedback on the value that CALL brings to them.

There were 78 respondents to the survey. 57%  of the respondents have been a CALL member for more than 10 years and 27% have been a CALL member for 5 years or less. 90% of the respondents are active members. 53% work at a law firm/corporate/special institution, 28% work at a law school and 6% work at the courts-federal/state/county.

Members were asked to identify the most valuable benefits that CALL offers. The top benefits were connecting with colleagues, education, local job postings, and the business meetings.

Networking opportunities, the network of professionals, sharing resources, and the education that CALL offers are all the things that members liked best about CALL.

Members commented on areas that CALL needed to improve.  These areas included:

  • More collaboration, education, and networking initiatives
  • Reach out to paraprofessionals
  • Be more inclusive/welcoming to new members
  • Use technology to enable members to participate more
  • More access for those who live outside of the city
  • Connect more with students
  • More mentorship and developing younger members

The Board will work with the committees to come up with ways to address these issues.

Half of our members do not follow CALL on social media. 30% follow CALL’s Facebook Page, 27% are part of CALL’s LinkedIn, and 24% follow CALL on Twitter. The Board and Committee Chairs are going to identify ways to increase our members’ participation with CALL’s social media. The Public Relations Committee will be offering education opportunities on how to use social media.

Members shared how they received information on CALL news and events. 93% rely on  the CALL listserv for their information. 55% go to the CALL website and 48% get their news from the CALL Bulletin.

Members will share CALL news with their work colleagues, colleagues at other institutions and on social media.

Most of the members read the CALL Bulletin. There were comments about the new format. Members are reminded that there is a link to a pdf of the current issue that you can access.

There were lots of good topics suggested to feature in the CALL Bulletin. These topics were shared with the CALL Bulletin Co-Editors.

A good majority of the group participates in the in-kind donations and the monetary collections for the charities features at the business meetings. Members did not seem interested in participating in charity events as part of a CALL team. The list of suggested charities were shared with the Community Service Committee Co-Chairs.

72% of the members said they would attend educational programs either in person or as a webinar.  The suggested topics for educational programs have been shared with the Continuing Education Committee Co-Chairs.

72% did not attend a CALL meetup last year. Many of the comments indicated that members  would attend opportunities to connect with colleagues but their time is limited.

Many members are looking for events to happen after work and during lunch hour.

The Board is grateful for the thoughtful responses and comments. The Board and Committee Chairs will take all of them into consideration as we plan out the year.