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No Stone Unturned: Leveraging HUMINT Insights

As you sip your shaken-not-stirred martini at the bar, you recognize “As Time Goes By” on the piano.  You sigh impatiently as you look at your Rolex again – your contact is late.  You have very urgent questions only they can answer and you are starting to worry.  Are they having trouble finding parking?   Or is their Aston Martin lying in a ditch, nudged off the road by shadowy figures hidden in the fog?

A very glamorous scenario to be sure, but that type of intelligence imagery belongs to the fictional world of movies.  Competitive (Strategic) Intelligence (CI/SI) certainly does have military roots and practiced by national security agencies and police departments. However, the business world adapted those original techniques with an aim to “leverage insights, best practices, and unimpeachable ethics to drive growth and reduce risk in strategic choice” in their respective industries.  (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)). Continue reading No Stone Unturned: Leveraging HUMINT Insights

Special Library Association Conference Report

This year’s Special Library Association conference was held from 11 – 13 June 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland.  The theme of this year’s conference was “B’More” and there were ample opportunities for an information professional to gain the tools to truly Be More, from the educational sessions to the products on display in the exhibition hall. Continue reading Special Library Association Conference Report

CALL Member Leaders in AALL and SLA

As CALL’s new Executive Board begins their term on June 1, I would like to recognize CALL members who will be taking on leadership roles within AALL and SLA in 2015-2016.  Their commitment to these associations and our profession is a great reflection on them as individuals and on CALL.  CALL wishes them great success in the upcoming year.

American Association of Law Libraries

Executive Board –

  • Keith Ann Stiverson will be AALL President .

Continue reading CALL Member Leaders in AALL and SLA