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CALL Meetings Committee 2021-2022 Annual Report

Jill Meyer – Co-Chair 

Philip Johnson – Co-Chair
Jesse Bowman – Committee member

Mike McMillan – Committee member
Jamie Stewart – Committee member

In-person events were on hold for another year until the June 2022 75th Anniversary Celebration. The Meetings Committee continued to help coordinate our business meetings and assisted with planning and set-up of a few other events listed below.  Continue reading CALL Meetings Committee 2021-2022 Annual Report

CALL Meetings Committee 2020-2021 Annual Report

Carrie Port – Co-Chair
Eugene Giudice – Co-Chair
Mike McMillan – committee member
Jill Meyer – committee member

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic precluded any in-person events.  The meetings committee, realizing the necessity to keep the librarian community connected, was able to put on a number of virtual events.  The events that the committee planned this year were as follows:

Virtual Quarterly Meetings

September 2020 Business Meeting – 71 attendees
November 2020 Business Meeting – 60 attendees
February 2021 Business Meeting – 63 attendees
May 2021 Business Meeting – 72 attendees

 Virtual Events

CALL Trivia Night December 17, 2021– 10 teams with 2 to 5 players

Book Club – January 28, 2021

Pritzker Military Museum & Library Virtual Tour March 18, 2021- 19 attendees

 Online Happy Hours

Thursday, June 18, 2020
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Thursday, August 20, 2020
Thursday, October 22, 2020 (Lunch)

In addition to these events, the Meetings Committee worked on updating its committee charge to reflect the board’s directive to have all committee charges reflect an acknowledgement of the diversity and inclusion needs of the Chicago law librarian community.

The committee encourages the board to appoint newer members and members from diverse communities to the committee because it is the committee’s opinion that working the meetings committee, especially the registration table is an effective way to build one’s network.

With regard to planning for 2021 – 2022 meetings, the committee encourages future Meetings Committees to continue schedule happy hours and other off-meeting opportunities for networking and staying connected between meetings.

Committee Roundup: Zoom Happy Hours!

When the rise of the coronavirus sent us home, the CALL Meetings Committee decided to host online happy hours. It has become a great way to raise a glass to discuss with working from home, fears and concerns about Covid, and chat about our favorite movie soundtrack.

Zoom Happy Hour
April Zoom Happy Hour (taken by Mandy Lee)

As librarians, we are skilled in learning new technologies so everyone has caught onto Zoom quickly. It has also been great to include CALL members who are living out of state (California, Indiana, Wisconsin).

After the success of the first online happy hour, we have been holding them every three weeks on Zoom.  We will be having our final summer happy hours on July 29 at 5:30 and August 20 at 12:30pm.

April Zoom Happy Hour (taken by Mandy Lee)
April Zoom Happy Hour (taken by Mandy Lee)

If you have suggestions for the fall please reach out to Eugene Guidice, Mike McMillan or Carrie Port, and stay tuned for the new schedule.