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Issue 243 – Spring 2017

Download the pdf edition: Issue 243 – Spring 2017

From the Editors – by Juanita Harrell, Philip Johnson, and Scott Vanderlin
President’s Letter – by Todd Ito
A Message from AALL President Ronald Wheeler

Executive Board Meeting Minutes Summaries (March  14th, 2017April 11th, 2017; May 9th, 2017) – by Diana Koppang

November 2016February 2017 Business Meeting Round-Ups – by Diana Koppang

Featured Articles

Past Presidents Look Back  by Philip Johnson
Looking Back on the CALL Website  by Sharon L. Nelson
Three Proposals for Academic Law Libraries  by Matthew Timko
The Law Library on the Cusp of the Digital Age  by Becky Beaupre Gillespie
A Visit to the United States Capitol  by Juanita  Harrell

Grantee Reports

Go to ACRL, Practice Self-Care – by Trezlen Drake
To Baltimore and Beyond: At the Helm with ACRL 2017– by Lisa M. Winkler
Leadership: Developing Executive Presence – by Jamie Sommer


2016-2017 CALL Meeting Schedule

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