CALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes – February 2022

Conference Call – February 8, 2022 9:05 a.m.

Board Members Present: Jamie Sommer, Scott Vanderlin, Carrie Port, Sarah Andeen, Mandy Lee, and Tom Keefe

Board Members Absent: Lindsey Carpino and Tom Keefe joined late.

Guests: No Guests

Significant Actions:

I. Call meeting to order – President Jamie Sommer called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

II. Approve agenda – The agenda was approved.

III. Approve Secretary’s minutes – The January meeting minutes were approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a. Harris Balances as of November 1,2021: $20,857.13 in our CD and $ 16,825.43 in checking.

b. Membership numbers: 215 active members.

V. Old Business

a. Strategic Plan Revisions – Strategic plan committee had some ideas – remove the section for mandatory onboarding – which is fine. Also suggested enhancing the D&I charge – which is also fine with the board. Few other suggestions about implementation: The plan was approved.

i. Make community more aware of the plan and progress- with regular updates. Maybe an annual update.
ii. Check in with them – which we are doing
iii. Set up tracker system for progress and put it on the website. Doing a tracker is good, but does not need to be public. Having archived versions of the plan available is fine.
iv. Suggested that the published plan does not include strategies. We disagree and we think the full plan should be there. We are in support of transparency and letting the members see how the plan is evolving. Our members are intelligent enough to read the entire plan as it. We will consider adding some introductory language to the website to clarify matters.
v. Recommend an assessment process to evaluate how the progress is going. This kind of ties in with the tracker and the annual report. We do not feel this needs to be formalized as yet as we have other mechanisms in place.

b. New Standing Committee – Diversity & Inclusion – Voted to approve create a new standing committee on D&I. This will be announced at the May meeting and be put into place next year.

c. New Special Committee – 75th Anniversary of CALL – Voted to approve a new standing committee for the 75th. Term limited for one year. Have 12 people willing to serve on the committee. People are already moving forward on ideas. Jamie went through and looked at what was done for 50th, 60th and 70th for ideas.

i. Some ideas were getting a resolution passed
ii. Hung banners on Clark street – got a logo designed and held a raffle for the banners
iii. Held an event on the impact of law librarians in the legal community
iv. All of this was sponsored.
v. Special issue of the CALL bulletin
vi. 70th had a special event at the Union League club attached to the annual business meeting.

VI. New Business

a. SLA joint event – Jamie received an e-mail from the SLA Director of Strategic Partnership wondering if we wanted to hold a joint event. Which committee is the best to handle this? Probably Continuing Ed event to be followed by a networking event. Will have them reach out to SLA to start developing the relationship.
b. Community Service non-profit selection guidance – This came up because there were issues with the organizations they selected this past time. Although there were issues this past time, this process does usually work fairly well. Some of the issues are in that they are trying to match the ideals of the speakers. So maybe stick with the tried and true places. Trying to use new places is a good idea, especially tying it to something the speaker likes is a good idea. Committee and the board will come up with some new language for criteria for how for them to select possibilities to submit to the board.
c. Switch to Zoom for March, April, May Board meetings – Losing conference call ability – will be changing to Zoom.

VII. Committee Reports

a. Archives – Tom – No updates
b. Bulletin – Sarah – Bulletin will be published at Noon today
c. Bylaws – Jamie – No updates
d. Community Service –Carrie – Discussed in meeting. Also please donate on Thursday.
e. Continuing Education – Tom – Working on programs for March & April. Nothing set yet.
f. Corporate Memory – Sarah – No updates
g. Government Relations – Mandy – Sally Holterhoff was a panelist at a AALL on advocacy. “There is a UELMA bill under consideration in the Indiana General Assembly this session, Senate Bill 131 ( It has passed in the Senate and now moves on to the House. AALL member Ben Keele testified in support of the bill this past week. This has been a long time coming, but perhaps the time is finally right for it to happen. Ben said he heard that the Legislative Services Agency (which previously could always find some major obstacle to tackling this matter) seems now to be on board and has been heard to say in its favor that ‘the law librarians all like this.’ Indiana hasn’t been in any rush to follow the 2014 enactment in Illinois but may finally be catching up! I will be following this and will keep you posted.” Might also hold a continuing ed meeting on advocacy.
h. Grants & Chapter Awards – Lindsey – No updates
i. Meetings – Scott – Business meeting this week. 70 people signed up. Planning next CALL media event watching Legally Blond in early March.
j. Membership – Lindsey – There will be an online directory soon. Members will not be able to make changes. This will go through the committee.
k. Mentorship – Mandy –

i. Started linking to individual members bios, add more information and videos in the future.
ii. Hosting a program on adaptive leadership and wrote an article.
iii. New member breakfast on Feb 17th at 9:15 am Looking for swag and we do not have any leftover at the moment. Should not hit up vendors for something small like this.
iv. Want this mentioned in the business meeting.
v. Want to host a virtual CALL committee fair interest meeting – what kinds of conference software might be better for this and is there a budget? Money should not be an issue. We do not know of any better software idea. Would want to make sure of attendees are if we went with a service that was per person. This would be a good idea for May – but maybe in person if possible and we will talk about it more at the next meeting.

l. Nominations & Elections – Jamie – Elections start on the 15th.
m. Placement/Recruitment – Carrie – Approved registration fee for the Government Archive meeting – so they will be attending that event.
n. Public Relations – Scott – No events.
o. Strategic Planning – Carrie – Discussed in meeting

VIII. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.