CALL Placement and Recruitment Committee 2020-2021 Annual Report

The 2020-2021 CALL Placement & Recruitment Committee (“committee”) was comprised of Julie Pabarja (Chair), Valerie Kropf and Sean Rebstock.  Megan Butman was the Board Liaison.

The committee started the year by reviewing and suggesting edits to the committee charge, the job posting form and the job placement terms & conditions found on the CALL website.  The committee also discussed the initiatives in the CALL Strategic Plan assigned to this committee to handle.

Due to the pandemic and everyone working remotely, the committee delayed some of the initiatives stated in the CALL Strategic Plan.  These initiatives will be a priority for the next committee.

One of the initiatives that the committee is working on is to reach out to library schools and connect with their recruiting/job placement department to promote law librarianship to their students.  The committee is waiting for AALL’s Law Librarianship as a Career Guidance Review Special Committee’s report and recommendations to the Board that will be out this summer.  Their charge is to research the visibility of law librarianship as a career path for library and information science graduate students and JD students looking for a JD-advantage career.

This committee collaborated with the Membership committee on recruiting potential new members.  Once this committee confirms that a job is filled and receives the name of the person who is in that position, the name is shared with Membership so that they can follow-up with that person to join CALL.

The committee followed up with the contact person of the 19 jobs that were posted in 2019/2020 to determine if the position was filled or should be removed from the CALL website.  The committee will follow the same procedure for the jobs posted this year.  Twenty-one jobs were posted to the CALL website and advertised on the CALL Listserv.