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Meet the 2020-2021 CALL Bulletin Committee

We are excited to introduce  the CALL Bulletin Committee for the 2020-21 year.  If you have an idea for an article, story, interview, or anything else you would find interesting in the Bulletin please reach out to any of us and we will be sure to work with you!

Name: Emily Barney
Institution: Chicago-Kent College of Law
Title: Technology Training & Marketing Librarian
Years in CALL: 8
Something About Yourself: I’ve been at Chicago-Kent for 15 years now, though under 4 different titles and may be updating my current one soon. I love that my job gives me so many opportunities to keep learning and growing. I am so glad when I’m able to build relationships with our students to see the impact they have in the world.

Name: Emily Byrne
Institution: Chapman and Cutler LLP
Title: Electronic Services Coordinator

Debbie Ginsberg

Name: Deborah Ginsberg
Institution: Chicago-Kent College of Law Library
Title: Educational Technology Librarian
Years in CALL: 18 years? That seems right….
Something About Yourself: I’m spending the summer indoors with two kids (11 and 14) and two cats (4). I go outside to see if I can get my garden to grow anything, but the kids think it’s too hot. While I haven’t started any big COVID projects because I haven’t had time,  I have given my handyperson, Elvis, quite a bit of work to do in the last 2 weeks and now my deck looks great! My only real COVID project has been to post a cat picture on Facebook every day. I did bake some bread, but I have a bread machine and do that on a pretty regular basis anyway.

Name: Matt Timko
Institution: Northern Illinois University College of Law
Title: Academic Technologies and Outreach Services Librarian
Years in CALL: Six Years
Something About Yourself: I recently took on a project to network my house so I have better connectivity during our current work from home; my wireless just wasn’t cutting it and it had been a plan of mine for some time.  I unfortunately chose to do so on one of the more recent hot days in June, and the attic got to a whopping 137 degrees (Fahrenheit, obviously)!  While I learned a lot and got a more intimate understanding of the layout of my home, now that I go my office networked, I think I’ll wait to finish the project for the fall or winter.

Name: Sarah Walangitan
Institution: Supreme Court of Illinois Library
Title: Chicago Branch Librarian
Years in CALL: 2 Years
Something About Yourself: Other than reorganizing every closet and cabinet in my apartment, most of my “Covid projects” have been food-related. I have an overly ambitious garden with a few things that are growing and a lot of things that are not. I have succeeded in making tofu, croissants, and noodles from scratch. I envision a future in which I continue to do all of these things for years to come, but that’s not necessarily compatible with my hopes to spend less time at home sometime soon. Plus, the croissants at the bakery down the street taste much better.