Group Photo: Candidates for 2020-2021 Executive Board Election

2020-2021 CALL Executive Board Nominations

The Nominations and Elections Committee is proud to announce your slate of candidates for the next executive board election.  Candidates’ backgrounds and personal statements will be posted in the members’ only area of the CALL website in the next two months.

Slate of Candidates for 2020-2021 Executive Board Election and Notice of Availability of Petition


  • Annie Mentkowski
  • Jamie Sommer


  • Janice Collins
  • Tom Keefe


  • Mandy Lee
  • Sarah Sherman

Nomination Rules

Please note, in accordance with the CALL Bylaws Article IX, Section 3 (page 3 of PDF), members may petition the CALL Secretary to add nominees to the ballot.  Additional nominations may be entered by written petition of at least ten members of the Association.

These nominations, accompanied by written acceptances of the candidates, shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association not later than January 1st.