CALL Meetings Committee 2018-2019 Annual Report

Committee members were Todd Hillmer (co-chair), Tami Carson (co-chair 2018), Carrie Port (co-chair 2019), Sheri Lewis and Keely Ward. Jessie LeMar was the board liaison.

Business Meetings

The Meetings committee planned four business meetings for the 2018-19 year. Dates, locations, number of registrants for each business meeting are shown in the table below.

Date Location Registrants
September 20, 2018 Wildfire
159 West Erie St.
November 8, 2018 The Berghoff
17 West Adams St.
February 21, 2019 (Joint meeting with SLA) Maggiano’s
516 N Clark St.
74 (3 SLA)
May 9, 2019 Petterino’s
50 W. Randolph St.
   TOTAL  334

Happy Hours

The committee also launched a series of seasonal happy hour meet-ups this past year.

Date Location
August 21, 2018
South Branch Tavern Grill
100 S Wacker Dr.
October 16, 2018
River Roast
315 N LaSalle Dr.
December 11, 2018
Slightly Toasted
22 N Clinton St.
April 8, 2019
Chicago Athletic Association
12 S Michigan Ave.

Observations/Recommendations by the Committee

  1. Online payment at the time of registration has been increasing which aids the check-in process on the day of business meetings. Electronic payment or pre-payment via check to the CALL post office box should continue to be encouraged as this positively impacts the check-in experience for attendees.
  2. Some members have experienced usability issues when registering using our current system, Wild Apricot. As a CALL task force is currently evaluating alternatives to Wild Apricot, this may be a moot point.
  3. Similarly, the committee has experienced some pain points in creating post-meeting surveys with Survey Monkey. This concern may also be addressed by adoption of a new system; if not, then an alternative should be explored.
  4. The November meeting at The Berghoff is turning into a tradition and was our best attended meeting of the year. Service at the venue this year was aided by sending a detailed request in advance including a meeting timeline and color codes corresponding to entrée selections. It is the hope of the committee that this tradition continues.
  5. At the last meeting, we tweaked our check-in process by adding a second check-in sheet limited to groups intending to pay at the door. This helped alleviate the log-jam that often accompanies a group arriving together and paying with a single check.
  6. The addition of seasonal happy hours has met with a positive reaction; these were held in the off months of the business meetings this past year as to not make any one month feel too crowded. It is our recommendation that these happy hours continue, perhaps they could be calendared at the start of the year and included in announcements at business meetings to help encourage participation.
  7. Pricing and budgetary concerns have been noted in the past. A price increase may be worth exploring but is not of immediate concern.