CALL Public Relations Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

During the 2017-2018 business year, Donna Tuke and Jesse Bowman served as co-chairs of Public Relations Committee. In these roles, Donna and Jesse primarily promoted CALL events via the CALL website, Facebook, and Twitter. Moreover, using the CALL Twitter account, Donna actively re-Tweeted stories of interest to legal information professionals.


  1. Twitter: Clarify what it means [per committee charge] to “inform the legal and library communities about CALL” and align it with the Twitter profile: “Supporting professional development and encouraging leadership, collaboration, and advocacy in the Chicagoland legal information community.”  We got some pushback for some tweets and cautioned to only tweet what we would include in the listserv. I agree that the listserv is a private communication channel just for members. I recommend that Twitter be used to establish our brand and our expertise. Examples of tweets would include announcements about legal research developments, mentions of members’ article publications [if the member wants to do this], general legal industry news [think “Above The Law”], and AALL and other chapter news.
  1. Facebook: Clarify what Facebook is best used for. I recommend that it is is a channel for members’ information and CALL announcements that come between website updates. Including business meetings and information about the sponsors, articles in the recent CALL Bulletin, and more.
  1. Website: Set a schedule of website updates. Committee members to send updates to PR chair if the Committee chair is not able or willing to do so. I suggest four dates: September 15 [for Board and Committee updates; Board meetings and business meeting updates]
  • December 15
  • March 15
  • June 15
  1. Strongly encourage all Board members and Committee members to use social media and retweet/like the Committee’s posts.