CALL Community Service Committee 2017-2018 Annual Report

Co-Chairs:  Jamie Sommer & Julie Swanson

Members:  Carrie Port, Pat Sayre-McCoy, Patricia Scott, Sarah Andeen

Board Liaison:  Scott Vanderlin

A summary of community service activities follows:

September 2017:  Race Judicata

Race participants (plus CALL contribution): $486.00

Monetary Donations:  $75.00 online donations

November 2017:  Center for Economic Development

Member Donna Tuke, a manager of the Center for Economic Progress, spoke about the organization and need for volunteers.  She also arranged for David Marzahl, CEO, to speak at the February meeting about CEP’s mission to help income-eligible families and individuals improve their financial stability through their tax services.

February 2018:  Greater Chicago Food Depository

In Kind Donations: 4 bags of groceries

Monetary Donations: $576.58

May 2018:  Liberation Library

In Kind Donations: 1 bag of books

Monetary Donations: $218.00

The Community Service Committee convened in September, 2017 to discuss plans for the year.

In total, the 2017-2018 CALL Community Service Committee efforts collected $1355.58 in monetary donations from our generous members.

In September 2017, CALL entered a team in the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Race Judicata.  The race was on September 14 in the lovely Grant Park area of Chicago.  In total, CALL subsidized 14 runners (including members and significant others).  Participants paid CALL a portion of the fee to enter the race ($20.00), and CALL was invoiced and contributed the remaining amount ($14.00) of the entry fee (which was $34.00 for early registration).

In February 2018, 9 CALL members volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  The group joined many other volunteers from around the city repackaging pears and rice for distribution to the organization’s network of food banks.  In that one day, 32,420 lbs. of food was packaged to be distributed throughout Cook County.

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions and continued generosity.