CALLing Future Leaders panel discussion

“CALLing Future Leaders” Event

After attending the “CALLing Future Leaders” event on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at DLA Piper, I had some key takeaways. Keith Ann Stiverson was the Keynote speaker. The panel discussion was moderated by Clare Gaynor Willis. The panel was made up of: Gretchen Van Dam, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Robert Martin, and Julie Pabarja.

Photo of "CALLing Future Leaders" speakers (Lyonette Louis-Jacques not pictured)
From l-r: Clare Gaynor Willis, Keith Ann Stiverson, Julie Pabarja, Gretchen Van Dam, Robert Martin (Lyonette Louis-Jacques not pictured)

Each panelist stressed the importance of committee work, whether this is through CALL, an AALL-SIS, AALL Jury, or more. If you do good committee work, others will take notice and reward you for your efforts. As we always say, the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it. For example, Robert Martin shared his tremendous success with being the co-chair of the Community Service Committee. During this role, he was able to demonstrate his ability to lead and do great things for our chapter which led to him being elected as Director of CALL.

Photo of Lyonette Louis-Jacques and Robert Martin
CALL Bulletin Committee Co-Chair, Lyonette Louis-Jacques listening to CALL Director Robert Martin talk about co-chairing the Community Service Committee

What struck me was their emphasis on taking on a leadership role no matter how big or small your role actually is. You can become a leader even by just simply being a member of a committee.

Also, the panel stressed branching out of our comfort zones. We all have interests outside of law librarianship so why not get involved with those organizations? Volunteer for something outside of CALL and AALL and see where that experience takes you.

Gretchen Van Dam emphasized watching and taking note of other people’s leadership styles. Everyone has a different style. See which styles are the most effective and try and incorporate those attributes into your own leadership style.

Photo of Todd Ito
CALL Vice-President Todd Ito asking attendees to volunteer to lead CALL

At the very end, CALL Vice-President Todd Ito, on behalf of himself and the Nominations and Elections Committee, encouraged attendees to volunteer to be committee chairs and/or run for the Executive Board.



Finally, network, network, network!

We are so fortunate to live in Chicago and have access to a wonderful network of law librarians and legal professionals who have vast experience in firm, academic, and government positions.

Keith Ann Stiverson
Keynote Speaker, Keith Ann Stiverson

Keith Ann Stiverson stressed the importance of picking up the phone and reaching out to one another! This is how she has been able to know many members in CALL and even develop lasting friendships.


Thank you to the panel for sharing their experience and advice with us!