CALL Trivia Night at AALL 2016

Have you ever been fairly certain that you’re the smartest person in any given room, but don’t always have a good way of showing everyone?  During this year’s AALL Annual Conference, CALL will have a room set aside for just this purpose!  CALL will be hosting a trivia night at 8pm on Sunday, July 17 at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub in River North for conference attendees.  Teams of law librarians will compete for fun, prizes, and the chance to impress law librarians from around the country with your knowledge of random facts!

We have enlisted “Quizmaster Dave” to serve as MC for the evening.  Those familiar with the Chicago pub trivia scene will recognize Dave from his weekly trivia nights at The Globe Pub on Tuesdays and Johnny O’Hagan’s on Thursdays.  For those unfamiliar with his work, check out this review of trivia at The Globe, where the reviewer, though slightly overmatched by the questions, gave Quizmaster Dave high marks for his depth of knowledge and for the difficulty of his questions.  Don’t be scared off, though!  I think that we can all agree that the average CALL member is quite a bit smarter than some random blogger.

A great time is sure to be had by all in attendance at this event, so round up a team, spread the word to other conference attendees, and prepare to show off the random knowledge you have spent a lifetime acquiring!